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10 Reasons to Love Gardening | Joy Us Garden


I’ve been gardening for a very long time, it’s in my blood. Here are 10 reasons why I love gardening. There’s a video shot in my own garden too.

I live in a climate where I garden year-round. This can be both exhausting and rewarding so my trusty Felcos never get a rest!

Why I Love Gardening

Someone recently asked me why I love gardening so much and I had to stop and think about the answer(s) for a bit.

So, after some musings, I came up with not 1 but 10 reasons as to why I love gardening.

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Part of My Childhood

I was born into it! I’ve been gardening a very long time – over half a century to be exact. My dad & grandmother were avid gardeners so it’s in my blood.  We had a huge vegetable garden and my dad started almost everything from seed in our greenhouse.  In the warmers months, flowers filled many of the beds surrounding our house.

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Hand-Eye Coordination

It’s great hand-eye coordination. This definitely needs to be in sync when gardening so those important messages can be sent can to the brain.


I get exercise. Up, down, back, forth – I’m constantly moving my body.


I love the great outdoors. Enough said about that.

I’m in my garden explaining those 10 reasons:


It’s a way to commune with nature. Birds, bees & butterflies still delight me.


It’s so satisfying to see something grow.  Whether it’s ornamental or food, it’s so satisfying to watch what you planted take off.


It’s can be downright meditative. Gardening is food for the soul.

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Good Escape

It’s an escape. If something’s bugging me, I simply grab the pruners.


It makes my world beautiful.  I look at or am in my garden every day.  I get to share it with friends & neighbors.

Gardening is So Enjoyable

I enjoy it! I really do …

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I’ve been gardening since I was knee-high to a grasshopper. It’s second nature to me. I just do it without even thinking about it. Why do you love gardening???

10 Reasons to Love Gardening | Joy Us Garden

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