16 Beige Bathroom Ideas for a Relaxing, Spa-Worthy Escape

16 Beige Bathroom Ideas for a Relaxing, Spa-Worthy Escape

Dress your bath in beige for the ultimate tranquil retreat. These beige bathroom ideas show you how to pair the neutral with warm woods, whites, grays, and other colors.

By Bri Levandowski and Jessica Bennett


Updated September 04, 2020

Beige doesn’t have to translate to boring when it comes to decorating. In bathrooms, this soft neutral color has a tranquil and relaxing effect, gently receding to allow accessories and furnishings to shine. Apply the color liberally through bathroom paint colors or tiles on the floor, shower, and walls. Then layer in textural accents, rich wood tones, and other warm colors to add dimension and interest. Check out these ideas for beige bathrooms to design your own peaceful escape.

white bathroom freestanding tub and chandelier

1. Elegant Beige Bathroom

In this beige bathroom, a stone chair rail pairs perfectly with beige walls and window treatments. Dark hardwood flooring grounds a gold chandelier and mirrored sconces. Coordinating white on the bathtub and ceiling pulls eyes upward and around the beige walls and moldings.

cream and white bathroom freestanding tub

2. Beige Bathroom Tile

Natural stone, such as marble, travertine, or limestone, is a go-to option for beige bathroom tiles. This neutral bathroom matched the beige paint to the floor’s marble tile, then added subtle silver accents for a little bit of glam. Blush-pink accents keep the space cheery and warm.

bathroom with patterned tile and rich wood accents

3. Beige Bathroom Patterns

Unique patterns in neutral colors are both bold and subtle in this beige bathroom. The print on this bathroom’s Roman shade is mirrored in the white-and-beige bathroom tile floor. Gray and dark wood accents anchor the white counterparts.

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white bathroom vanity

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4. Warm Beige Bathroom

This bathroom beautifully marries beige and white. Warm beige tiles coat the floor in a honeycomb pattern. Tan sconces on either side of the mirror match the tones found in the beige bathroom vanity top. Lighter beige walls tie the two natural tones together.

light yellow bathroom with white trim

5. Neutral Bathroom Colors

Beige-and-white bathrooms make for timeless designs. Straight edges and geometric shapes modernize this neutral bathroom. The beige walls are a happy medium between white marble flooring and warm wood drawers on a contemporary vanity.

white bathroom with large window to backyard

Credit: Anthony Masterson

6. Beige Bathroom with a View

A beige-and-white bathroom is ideal when pairing with a backyard view. An expansive window lets color in year-round, so the neutral beige paint color is perfect for matching each season’s shades. A white-and-beige mosaic tile floor flows into this bathroom’s identical wall mural, while the beige wall color calls out metallic fixtures and white trim.

beige bathroom with country blue vanity

Credit: Richard Leo Johnson / Atlantic Archives

7. Blue and Beige Color Scheme

A blue-gray bathroom vanity highlights the veins in this bathroom’s marble floors and countertop, while textured beige wallpaper softens the natural stone. Although small, the parallel lines of the vanity and tub create a lengthening effect on the room. Mirrors above the vanity and tub further expand the space of the tiny bath.

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cream colored bathroom with gallery wall art

8. Bathroom Wall Art

When framing art in the bathroom, a clever trick for a cohesive look is to mat the art in a color identical to the walls. These framed pieces are the perfect beige bathroom accessories to pair with beige walls and wainscoting. White marble and gray stone pick up shades in the artwork.

large bathroom bathtub nook with windows

9. Beige-on-Beige Bathroom Colors

A tranquil place for bathing, this built-in bathtub is the ideal combination of colors to complement its neutral surroundings. A soft beige rug sits atop creamy beige bathroom tiles, while window coverings seamlessly blend into the light neutral walls. A patterned chair slides into a vanity that matches the tub.

bathroom with brown frames

10. Sophisticated Beige Bathroom

Soak in this glamorous white-and-beige bathroom. Warm beige linens hang from curtain rods, while a white fur bath mat waits at the ready. Gold accents add unexpected class, and a window seat cushion covers hidden storage.

light beige bathroom with light green vanity

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11. Beige and Green Bathroom

A custom vanity is the highlight of this bathroom. Pale sage green is the perfect understated color to pair with the low-profile beige walls. Beige seating under the vanity adds another layer of warm neutral color and matches the beige bathroom tiles that line the floor and half-wall that hides the toilet.

Tuscan style bathroom with large arch window and beam

12. Antique Bathroom Design

An antique wood ceiling beam highlights this bathtub set in the perfect recessed corner. Beige bathroom accessories accent the tub’s surround, while tan and beige bathroom tiles create a stunning Tuscan-style backsplash. Enjoy views out of a large bay window as you soak in luxury.

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bathroom with freestanding bathtub in center of room

13. Beige Bathroom Wallpaper

Beige and gray wallpaper gives this neutral space the wow factor. Light beige curtains bring softness to the large window, while the vanity and side table pick up the gray tones from the walls. Beige bathroom accessories, including the vase next to the tub and a vanity chair, warm up the room’s cold fixtures.

large bathroom with long vanity and glass shower

14. Beige Bathroom Vanity

A beige bathroom vanity takes center stage in this tranquil retreat. The room’s stone features, such as the shower and beige tile floor, as well as the paint and cabinet colors, echo the vanity’s hues. White towels stand out against the warm walls.

bathroom with freestanding circular tub

15. Neutral Color Mix

Beige bathroom tiles allow you to use a variety of stone materials, paint colors, and wood tones. This beige flooring brings together a stark white tub and slate, heather, and cream wall colors. A skylight helps showcase the serene mix of beige tones.

bathroom with rustic table and ladder towl rack

16. Country-Style Bathroom

A country French bath is the perfect means for relaxation. Vintage and rustic pieces combined with soft fabrics and fresh lavender make this the perfect soaking tub. A beige chair rail tops the room’s beaded-board lower walls, creating cozy texture.

By Bri Levandowski and Jessica Bennett