16 Indoor Plant Wall Projects That Anyone Can Do

16 Indoor Plant Wall Projects That Anyone Can Do

Even you can complete these modern DIY Indoor Plant Wall Projects for your home and bring the touch of green indoors!

1. Easy Hanging Plants Wall

Display nature on a wall with this easy DIY indoor plant wall project available at Curbly.


2. DIY Pallet Living Wall

This DIY living wall indoor worths some of your time and efforts. You just need a pallet and some other usual supplies.

3. Indoor Vertical Wall Herb Garden

Complete vertical wall herb garden project with the help of this tutorial to grow your favorite herbs in small space. It’s a neat indoor green wall project for urban gardeners.

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4. Trellis Plant Wall

This indoor plant wall DIY project is outstanding, make it for your home and place it where it can get enough bright light. The website Vintage Revivals has an informative tutorial on it.

5. How to Create a Living Wall at Home

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How to create a living wall at home, what are the requirements, things you need to know, and some sound advice about the plants, this HGTV article has everything you need to know.

Have a look at artistic plant wall art ideas for home décor ideas

6. Indoor Hanging Wall Herb Garden

Bring the outdoors in with this indoor hanging wall herb garden project. The steps are very clear and available at the Buzzfeed.

7. Indoor Living Wall Art

Build this indoor vertical wall garden using succulents and hang it somewhere where it can receive bright indirect light and a few hours of sunlight. The YouTube tutorial is here.

8. Indoor Vertical Wall Garden DIY

Feature these wall-mounted shelves to hold plants on your selected wall. Watch or read the tutorial here to imitate it.

Note: For this vertical wall garden project, you can use either faux plants or real plants.

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9. DIY Hanging Plants Wall

Fasten a long broomstick on your wall and use macrame cords and curtain rings to hang your planter pots. Find this easy and fun DIY here.

10. DIY Indoor Plant Wall

Beautify your living room with a plant wall made from faux plants. Watch the video tutorial here.

11. Jungle Style Plant Wall

This jungle style living plant wall DIY tutorial is available on YouTube. Check that out and start making your own DIY Living Wall Indoors.

12. DIY Vertical Garden Project

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Make two vertical wall garden planters out of picture frames with the help of this tutorial here.

13. Wall Mounted Succulent Letters

When you’re scrolling through all these DIY Indoor Green Wall Projects, you can’t miss this wall-mounted succulent letters idea. The tutorial is here!

14. Indoor Plant Wall Garden on Floating Shelves

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Bring life and positivity to your home with an indoor wall shelve garden like this. Install a couple of floating wall shelves and style them with potted plants. You can also add other catchy items to make it look more modish! We found the idea here.

15. Vertical Wall Planter

This vertical wall planter is easy to make, and anybody can do this, check out the DIY tutorial here.

16. Vertical Vegetable Garden DIY

Of course, it’s not exactly a green wall project but a smart vertical vegetable garden idea for limited space gardeners. You can complete it by yourself with the help of this tutorial.

If you’re short of time and would prefer to buy a vertical planter instead of DIYing, here are our top picks: [external_footer]