18 Great DIY Garden Cloche Ideas for Plants

These DIY Garden Cloche Ideas are perfect if you want to protect your young plants and seedlings from frost, rain, changing temperatures, and pests.

Whether you live in a cold climate and want to start growing plants early in the season or you grow them in a region where it rains a lot–Garden cloches are useful. They act as a mini-greenhouse for individual plants and also save them from early pest infestations and rodent problems. Now, if you’re thinking about buying them–Wait! Check out these homemade DIY garden cloche ideas below.

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DIY Garden Cloche Ideas

1. Large Juice Containers Cloche

This is the easiest and cheapest DIY cloche idea using empty juice containers. Check out more info here.


2. DIY Glass Cloche

Glass is the most suitable cloche type for the cold and temperate regions. Full article here.

3. Micro Cloche

Another simple and easily-available DIY cloche is clear plastic food containers, preferably one-pound size.

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4. Own Cloche House

18 Great DIY Garden Cloche Ideas for Plants

If you want a greenhouse effect in your garden to aid the germination process, then the best idea is to make your own small cloche house. Check out the video here.

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5. Wire Trash Cans Cloche

Another convenient and easy-to-make DIY hack to keep rodents away from your seedlings is to use a trash can cloche like this.

6. DIY Cloche Greenhouse

Nothing can be better than replicating a greenhouse cloche configuration in your home garden to protect your plants and speed up germination. Step-by-step guide here.

7. Valentine’s Day Garden Cloches

A easy, but impressive way to decorate your special day’s flowers is to transform them into indoor garden cloches. Check out the tutorial here.

8. Fairy Garden Cloche

This is an extremely useful hack to make use of a wine glass turning it into a fairy garden cloche. Follow the steps here.

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9. Chicken Wire Garden Cloche

If you have pet ducks or chicken and want to protect your plants from nibbling or scratching, chicken wire garden cloche can come to your rescue.

10. Soda Bottle Cloche

Empty soda bottles can work as great garden cloche. Here is the full info.

11. Bell-Shaped Glass Cloche

The bell-shaped glass cloche can protect small plants from harsh weather conditions, providing warmth and light adequately.

12. Water Dispenser Cloches

Re-use old water dispenser bottles in the garden as cloches by cutting the bottom and keeping them over plants as a cloche.

13. Traditional Glass Bell Cloche

Traditional glass bells can also be used as garden cloches, as shown in the image, to protect small plants.

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14. Plastic Bottle Cloches

Using clear plastic bottles as a home garden cloche can be a great and cheap solution!

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15. Modern Garden Cloche

A simple and effective cloche like this can help your plants grow without any difficulties. More such ideas here.

16. Recycled Plastic Jug Cloche

A cheap and effective way to save plants from frost and other weather conditions is to use plastic jug cloches. Find the tutorial here.

17. Simple Wire Cloches

If there are one or two specific plants in the garden that need protection from animals and birds then a wired cloche can be an effective hack.

18.  DIY Dollar Tree Garden Cloche

18 Great DIY Garden Cloche Ideas for Plants

Dollar Tree garden cloche is one of the cheapest and simplest DIY ideas for garden plants. Watch for yourself here. [external_footer]