24 Cool DIY Garden Stake Ideas!

Easy to make and fun to install, these cool DIY Garden Stake Ideas are the best way to add a great look to your garden without spending much!

Keeping your garden spick and span can be a tough thing to achieve, especially if you have a big one with different flowers and trees. However, you can keep it all neat and tidy using these cool DIY Garden Stake Ideas that are great fun to make!

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Awesome DIY Garden Stake Ideas

1. DIY Garden Sign


Small wooden stakes and colorful permanent markers are all you need to make this one!

2. Wood Burned Garden Stakes DIY

A great DIY to mark your herb pots using small wooden planks and a burning tool to etch the names on.

3. DIY Garden Stakes

These multicolor stir sticks will make for an ultimate signpost to name your herbs!

4. DIY Cute Garden Stakes

Check out this video to make some really cute looking garden stakes.

5. DIY Garden Plant Stakes

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Get garden plant stakes from the store and paint the names of your plants using a paper stencil. For more details, check here.

6. Bird Garden Stake

How cute it will be to have colorful bird-shaped stakes in your yard! Click here to make one for yourself.

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7. DIY Beaded Garden Stake

You can also involve your kids in this DIY. All you need is a wire and colorful glass beads.

8. DIY Garden Stakes

This DIY uses an organic approach! Use baking clay to stamp the names and hang them using metal plant drops.

9. Mason Jar DIY Garden Stakes

Don’t let those mason jar lids go to waste! Use them to stick the names and pictures of your favorite plants.

10. Butterfly Garden Stake

Get bare wooden cutouts from a store and customize them using colors of your choice. For more details, click here.

11. Clay Plant Stake

These clay plates are an awesome way to mark your plants! Learn all the tricks to make them here.

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12. HI Garden Stake

How about making a ‘HI’ to welcome your guests in your garden with warmth. Details are here.

13. Garden Craft Plant Stake

Glass glue and some sticks from your yard are all you need for this DIY. Stick fruit and vegetable illustrations and you are done!

14.  Suncatcher Garden Stakes

Add a dash of colors to your garden with these pretty butterfly suncatchers. They are easy to make and your kids will adore them too!

15. Bird Nest Garden Stakes

Make these DIY nests in your garden to give it a more natural look. You might get lucky if a bird actually uses them for laying eggs!

16. Decorative Garden Stakes DIY

Some wooden stakes, scrapbook paper, and paint will help you in making this fantastic DIY decorative stakes.

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17. DIY Garden Marker

This is one of quickest and most fun to make garden markers on the list! Catch all the details here.

18. Stamped Garden Stakes

Nothing like a vintage-looking garden and using DIY aluminum large mod plaques to name your herbs.

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19. Garden Stakes For Summer

If you have grown multiple herbs in your garden in small pots, then this DIY herb markers will make it easy for you to spot the one you are looking for!

20. Tree Garden Stakes

Check out this fun DIY video to add a touch of charm to your front yard. These can be made in 10 minutes flat!

21. Material Garden Stakes

Get all the scrap materials from your garage and use them creatively to make this funny DIY.

22. Cornstarch Clay Garden Stakes

Using the supplies from your kitchen you can make clay and carve it into beautiful shapes for markers. For more details, click here.

23. DIY Vegetable Garden Stakes

Flat woodcraft stakes, scissors, and paintbrush will help you to make these immensely cute DIY stakes.

24. Kids DIY Garden Stakes

Nothing like involving your kids in a garden DIY project and this one gives you an opportunity to make fun stakes with them! [external_footer]