25 Cute DIY Fairy Furniture and Accessories

25 Cute DIY Fairy Furniture and Accessories

I just love fairy gardens and recently I’ve gotten really interested in making my own fairy furniture. This made me wonder about just how much of my furniture and accessories I can actually DIY, which leads to this collection. I’ve found a wonderful list of 25 really cheap and easy DIY fairy furniture and accessory ideas that you can begin making now and fill your fairy garden by tomorrow. All of these are pretty easy to make and they are so adorable! Your fairies – and your children – are going to love these tiny little fairy accessories.

25 Cute DIY Fairy Furniture and AccessoriesMy children have always been fascinated with fairies. Now remember, fairies live in nature so you want your fairy garden to be made out of natural materials. You can use things like sticks and twigs and other materials or you can make your accessories out of anything you want and just paint them to look natural, which is the case with some of these projects. Many of them use upcycled materials, like this DIY fairy house made with empty toilet paper rolls. It’s great to upcycle, especially when it’s done in such an elegant and fun way as making fairy houses and furniture.


There’s a great acorn birdhouse as well as many other DIY fairy furnishings like beds, tables, chairs and so much more. You can really make your fairy garden elegant and give all of those little fairies all the furniture and accessories that they’ll ever need. There’s even a great little coffee cup that’s filled with coffee! And like I said, most of these are made with upcycled materials or things that you can find in your yard. And speaking of upcycling for your fairies, be sure to check out this upcycled plastic bottle magical fairy castle.

So I hope that you’re ready to provide a wonderful haven for your fairies. I’ve got a nice collection of ways that you can build everything fairies will ever need and these will all give your yard such a nice magical touch.

1. DIY Acorn Birdhouse

25 Cute DIY Fairy Furniture and AccessoriesThese little acorn birdhouses are adorable and so easy to make. If you’re like me, you have loads of acorns in the yard and you can make as many of these as you want for decorating your little fairy garden. Just paint them – if you want – and then drill a hole for the tiny little birds to enter. Glue them to a dowel rod or a twig from the yard and then “plant” them in your fairy garden.

Tutorial/Source: empressofdirt

2. Acorn Top Bird Nest

25 Cute DIY Fairy Furniture and AccessoriesYou can also use the tops of acorns to create these perfect little tiny bird nests. You don’t even have to do anything except remove the top from the acorn, turn it upside down and then add your nesting materials and maybe a few tiny eggs. Small beans painted blue make the perfect tiny little eggs and you can use peat moss or something similar for the nesting materials. Glue your bird’s nest to a tiny tree or hang it with string.

Tutorial/Source: twigandtoadstool

3. DIY Fairy Bed

25 Cute DIY Fairy Furniture and AccessoriesThis Victorian bed is beautiful and while it’s meant for a dollhouse, you can totally recreate the concept to add a little bed to your fairy garden. This would be perfect for a Sleeping Beauty or Rip Van Winkle themed fairy garden. The bed is made from store bought materials but you could just as easily use twigs for the legs. Then add your filigree jewelry for the headboard and maybe cover it in vines or peat moss for that natural look.

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Tutorial/Source: emilymorganti

4. DIY Wooden Fairy Stairs

25 Cute DIY Fairy Furniture and AccessoriesIf you’re building a tall fairy garden structure, your fairies are going to need stairs, right? You can build a beautiful and natural looking staircase from birch wood rounds. Actually, you could use any type of wood you like. I think the birch wood has a lovely color. To make these, simply cut out several rounds from your chosen wood and then glue them together so that they create a staircase.

Tutorial/Source: bystephanielynn

5. DIY Bottle Cap Stools

25 Cute DIY Fairy Furniture and AccessoriesGive your little fairies an adorable place to sit with these little stools that are made from bottle caps and twigs. This is a great way to upcycle bottle caps! These are so easy to make and they’re free since you’ll already have the bottle caps and you can find twigs in the yard. Just cut the twigs to make legs- make sure that they’re relatively even so your stools will stay upright – and then use hot glue to attach the bottle cap seats.

Tutorial/Source: ourbeautifullymessyhouse

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6. Upcycled Pencil Eraser Fairy Buckets

25 Cute DIY Fairy Furniture and AccessoriesOnce the kids have used up their erasers, you can use the metal casing to create these adorable little fairy buckets. Just punch tiny holes in the sides – you can do this with a small nail – and attach a thin wire for the handles. Your fairies will find it much easier to carry their water and other supplies when they have these handy buckets!

Tutorial/Source: pequeneces-maragverdugo

7. Easy To Grow Chia Grass

25 Cute DIY Fairy Furniture and AccessoriesSo, your fairies need grass, right? You can give them lovely grass – that never needs mowing or weeding – when you simply plant chia grass. You can find chia seeds (like the ones that come with chia pets) online or check with your local home and garden store to see if they have it in stock. This is a lovely way to add some greenery to your fairy garden and it’s super easy to grow.

Tutorial/Source: craftingagreenworld

8. DIY Tiny Cup Of Coffee

25 Cute DIY Fairy Furniture and AccessoriesI would definitely need this little tiny cup of coffee for my fairy garden and it’s super easy to make. Seriously, how adorable is this? You mold it from clay and it’s really not difficult at all. You could make an entire table setting of tiny cups of coffee for all of your fairies. Just mold your clay around a marble and then cut it in half. Add your coffee cup handle and fill it with fimo liquid painted to resemble coffee.

9. DIY Fairy Doors

25 Cute DIY Fairy Furniture and AccessoriesYour fairies are going to need doors to enter their homes. These little DIY doors are really easy to make and they’re great for tree stumps or trees if that’s the type of fairy house you’re planning to create. You can make them out of any number of materials and all of them are really adorable and the perfect accessory for your fairy garden.

Tutorial/Source: trilbyworks

10. Tiny DIY Fairy Garden Gazing Balls

25 Cute DIY Fairy Furniture and AccessoriesI love these little gazing balls and they look so easy to make. You just wrap jewelry wire around a marble. You can then stick them into the ground so that they stay in place. What a great little project! And this one is really inexpensive. Jewelry wire is really cheap at Walmart and you can get a bag of marbles at the Dollar Store for a dollar.

Tutorial/Source: gardeningforyou

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11. Adorable Fairy Garden Pool

25 Cute DIY Fairy Furniture and AccessoriesCreate a precious little pool for your fairies with a seashell. Just turn the seashell upside down and fill it with water. Add a few floating flowers and you’re all set. You could do these in any size and even create an entire water garden with a handful of seashells. If you don’t have seashells, you can pick up a bag at the Dollar Tree for a dollar.

Tutorial/Source: hgtv.com

12. DIY Fairy Garden Tools

25 Cute DIY Fairy Furniture and AccessoriesThese little garden tools are perfect for adding character to your fairy garden and they’re so easy to make. You can make an entire collection of garden tools from a small sheet of metal. Just cut out your pitchfork and shovel heads and then attach them to a nail or a matchstick that is covered in aluminum foil. There are tons of ways that you could do these and all of them are easy!

13. Upcycled Wine Top Fairy Grill

25 Cute DIY Fairy Furniture and AccessoriesI simply adore this tiny little grill! What a wonderful way to add some character and personality to your fairy garden. It’s made from screw on tops that you can recycle from wine bottles or any other bottle with a similar lid. You need two tops for the grill body and cover and then a few other tiny accessories to assemble the grill.

Tutorial/Source: elowezil

14. DIY Hot Glue Waterfall

25 Cute DIY Fairy Furniture and AccessoriesEvery fairy garden needs a water feature and this little hot glue waterfall is perfect. It’s an easy waterfall to build and the “water” is actually hot glue that you melt and then mold into shape. You can set the entire thing up on a small mirror and use your hot glue to attach rocks to create the shape. Then you use Scotch tape to help mold the “water” into place.

Tutorial/Source: happinessiscrafting

15. Fairy Rope Ladder

25 Cute DIY Fairy Furniture and AccessoriesIf your fairies need a rope ladder to reach those higher spaces, this one that I found on Etsy is really adorable. It’s made from willow twigs and covered in moss. You can get it in a number of lengths, too so it’s easy to get the precise size that you need for your fairy garden. You could make this yourself out of twigs as well, but you could just as easily pick these up on Etsy for under $10 each.

Tutorial/Source: etsy.com

16. DIY Painted Pebble Ladybugs

25 Cute DIY Fairy Furniture and AccessoriesThese little ladybug pebbles will really bring out the color in your fairy garden. You can do them in a number of sizes. Make them tiny to keep your fairies company or create larger ones that your fairies can ride. You just have to gather up stones in the size of your choice and paint the ladybug designs on them. They’re pretty easy to paint and this is a wonderful project for the kids.

Tutorial/Source: icreativeideas

17. DIY Maple Seed And Twig Dragonfly

25 Cute DIY Fairy Furniture and AccessoriesGive your fairies their own little flyers with these adorable maple seed and twig dragonflies. Maple seeds are really prominent throughout fall so you should be able to find several of them. You’ll need two for each dragonfly to create the wings and then the bodies are made of twigs. Paint them with acrylic paints and attach the pieces together with hot glue or you could use clay.

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Tutorial/Source: filthwizardry

18. Adorable DIY Mushroom House

25 Cute DIY Fairy Furniture and AccessoriesThis little mushroom house is actually a votive candle holder so while you’re decorating your fairy garden, you can also add a nice glow for nighttime. You add elements to the house with polymer clay that you then paint in the colors that you want. This is a wonderful way to add a decorative element with loads of color to bring attention to your fairy garden.

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Tutorial/Source: casaetrend.it

19. Mushroom Table And Chairs Set

25 Cute DIY Fairy Furniture and AccessoriesMushrooms are a fairy staple and you can add this little mushroom table and chairs set to really give your fairy garden dimension and personality. I found this little set on Etsy and it’s under $30 for a mushroom table and four matching chairs. The pieces are made of wood and there is a tiny ceramic ladybug crawling up the front of the table. How adorable is this?

Tutorial/Source: etsy

20. DIY Fairy Garden Plant Tag Pictures

25 Cute DIY Fairy Furniture and AccessoriesYou can use plant tags to create beautiful artwork for your fairies that you then frame in with pieces of twig. You could also create custom artwork with cardstock but plant tags are weather proof so these won’t get ruined when it rains or snows on your little fairy village. Just cut out the pictures from your plant tags in the size that you want and then use twigs and hot glue or twine to create the frames.

Tutorial/Source: vioboy

21. DIY Popsicle Stick Bench

25 Cute DIY Fairy Furniture and AccessoriesKeep those popsicle sticks when the popsicles are gone and use them to create this adorable little fairy bench. You just assemble the bench and then paint it the color that you want it. You could also add moss or other greenery to make it look a bit more natural. It’s the perfect size for your fairy garden and for your fairies to sit down and relax a while.

22. Stone Fairy Table And Chairs

25 Cute DIY Fairy Furniture and AccessoriesHere’s another great idea for creating a table and chair set for your fairies. You just gather up stones of different sizes and use those – along with some hot glue – to put together a great natural table set. Choose relatively flat rocks for the seats and backs of your chairs and for the tabletop. You could paint these if you wanted or leave them natural.

Tutorial/Source: fairygardens

23. DIY Fairy Rope Swing

25 Cute DIY Fairy Furniture and AccessoriesThis little rope swing is really cute and so easy to make. You just need a round of wood – a tiny one at that – and some twine. Just drill tiny holes in the wood and then attach your twine, knotting it at the bottom like an old-fashioned rope swing. You could even do this with an oblong piece of wood and then either hang it on a tree or build a little swing base for it like a porch swing.

Tutorial/Source: morainegardens

24. Tiny Thimble Planters

25 Cute DIY Fairy Furniture and AccessoriesIf you have tiny people – fairies that is – then you need tiny planters, right? Thimbles are the perfect size for creating tiny little plants for your fairy garden. Just add a small amount of potting soil and you can even plant real tiny plants or succulents in them. Or, use fake plants if you don’t want to have to worry about the tiny plants growing too big for your thimble planters.

Tutorial/Source: thinkcrafts

25. Fairy Windows

25 Cute DIY Fairy Furniture and AccessoriesYou’ll need windows for your fairy house, tree stump or tree. I found these on Etsy and you just can’t make them for this price. You get a set of six windows for just over $4. The windows are arched, round, heart shaped, square and you even get a tiny set of shutters. If you’re creating a fairy house in a tree stump, these little windows are perfect and they’re really cheap.

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