5 Ways to Stop Cats from Escaping the Garden

One of the best ways to reduce risks to your cat is by stopping them from roaming outside. Indoor cats can lead very happy lives, but you may not want to stop them from enjoying outdoor life completely. Thankfully, there are solutions that will allow your cat to get plenty of fresh air while keeping them safe from the dangers of outdoor life. Here are the five customisable options that UK cat owners are frequently choosing between in the 21st Century.

  1. Cat enclosure – You can set the boundaries that work well with the space you have available in your garden or outdoor space, sectioning off areas if necessary. Fully customisable, the enclosure can be designed to work with any outdoor space.
  2. Cat runs – A cat run is generally smaller than a full cat enclosure but they can be tailored to suit your needs.
  3. Cat fencetop barriers – the barriers are fitted onto your fences with ease. They take advantage of your current boundaries but add extra protection by making it impossible for your cat to escape.
  4. Cat balcony – If you have a balcony you can make it perfectly cat safe using the cat balcony option.
  5. Catios – This form of cat containment system makes use of the patio or decking area of your garden. An enclosure is installed within the boundaries of the patio, allowing your cat to get outside with ease. The benefit of a catio is that you can prevent cats from accessing the lawn or planted areas, protecting them from dangerous plants and flowers.
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5 Ways to Stop Cats from Escaping the Garden


There are multiple ways for cat owners to give their cat the best of both worlds. In this day and age there’s no reason why a cat should be kept indoors full time. A cat containment system provides your pet with safe access to the outdoors without exposing them to the risks that come with outdoor life. They remain safe from risks such as road accidents, cat fights and disease, theft and getting lost on adventures.

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5 Ways to Stop Cats from Escaping the Garden

ProtectaPet provide a wide range of customisable and bespoke cat containment systems suitable for all environments and budgets. The experts provide full installation services or the products, information and support you need to install your own containment system at home. Learn more about the different cat enclosures by visiting ProtectaPet online or by following ProtectaPet on Facebook.

5 Ways to Stop Cats from Escaping the Garden

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