7 Natural Ways to Repel Rabbits from Your Garden

7 Natural Ways to Repel Rabbits from Your Garden

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7 Natural Ways to Repel Rabbits from Your Garden

Have rabbits become a problem in your yard? Sure they are gentle, fluffy, and so sweet to look at, but the truth is rabbits can devour your garden as if it was an all you can eat buffet. If you are looking for ways to keep rabbits out of your garden (no poisons, chemicals, or BB guns required) then take a look below at 7 Natural Ways to Repel Rabbits from Your Garden. When you keep these simple tips in mind, you can enjoy a garden that is rabbit free.

7 Natural Ways to Repel Rabbits from Your Garden

1. Scatter hair clippings.

Rabbits detest the smell of human hair and it can actually cause them to fear that a human in nearby. Sprinkle hair clippings around your garden which can help scatter the scent and as a bonus, will also help feed your soil! You can also use pet hair for this trick if you don’t have human hair clippings

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2. Plant repelling flowers.

It is believed that rabbits detest the scent of both alyssum and marigolds can keep rabbits away from your plants. Plant these flowers around the borders where rabbits would typically enter into the space. Here are some more plants that repel rabbits.

3. Scatter snakes.

Not real ones of course, but fake! Get some rubber snakes from the dollar store and scatter them into the garden. Rabbits don’t care for snakes and will hopefully hop into another yard. Just don’t forget you added the snakes and give yourself a scare.

4. Make a little noise.

Place a wind chime or some cans on a string so that when the wind blows there is noise made. Rabbits are sensitive to noise and should they hear even the slightest sound will run. This might even scare them from coming back.

5. Don’t provide cover.

Keep your garden a wide open space. Do not have areas in the garden where rabbits can hide (such as woodpiles) as this makes them feel safe and more welcome. Keep the space open so they won’t look at it as inviting.

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6. Use chicken wire.

Chicken wire is a cheap and effective way to guard your plants. Just wrap the chicken wire around the garden to act as a fencing and protect what is inside. Be sure you dig the bottom of the wire several inches into the ground so rabbits can slip in under it. These DIY Raised Garden Beds are enclosed in chicken wire to keep out rabbits.

7. Protect plants with netting.

One final solution may be to use netting to protect your plants. Often times you can find thin, nearly invisible netting that can go right over plants and protect them from animals who would love to nibble. These nets are lightweight, and there is no concern of them crushing or weighing down plants.

Don’t forget: You can also make your own Rabbit Repellent using items in your pantry.

If you are ready to tell the rabbits in your yard to take a hike, give these tips for repelling rabbits a try. As you can see they are all simple, inexpensive, and chemical free. You might need to try several of the methods to find one that is effective, but chances are one of these should bring you a little peace.

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