Antique Grandmother’s Flower Garden Quilt

Here it is folks, my Antique store beauty.  It only seemed appropriate for the summer of Hexagons that I would find this antique Grandmother’s Flower Garden Quilt top. I carried it with me all through our visit at the Antique Emporium just to make sure I wasn’t making a rash decision, and in the end, I couldn’t resist.

The only quilt my grandmother ever pieced was a Grandmother’s Flower Garden quilt right before she got married in 1934.  My mom still has that quilt and I’ve always loved it, but it’s looking pretty raggedy after years of wrapping up kids with chicken pox or taking on family picnics.  When I found this quilt top I about fainted.  It’s not identical to the one my grandma made, but it’s so similar.  The same shade of Nile Green and definitely made in the same era.


This quilt is all hand pieced and in fabulous condition.  No stains, so fading, no signs of wear.  Probably kept neatly folded away some place safe for a lot of years. After starting my own adventures with hand sewing hexagons – much bigger than these babies I might add – I knew this was something I would never in a million years complete on my own. All those tiny hexies? No way.  And the gorgeous, mint condition vintage fabrics sealed the deal. I think I got it for a steal.

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I love examining all the vintage fabrics.

And even more amazing, most of the prints are fussy-cut!

Someone put some serious effort into this quilt.

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The colors are so vibrant too. I think the reds, yellows and browns are my favorites.

I have been thinking so much about the woman – or women – (I’m assuming) who made this work of art. I wish I knew more about her.  I just hope she knows that her investment is in the hands of someone who greatly appreciates her talent and time to create such a beauty.  I’m going to hand quilt this one – probably very s.l o.w.l.y, but it’s the only way to do it justice. Hooray for happy hexies!

PS If you’re local, there’s a Garden Quilt Show today at Amy McClellan’s home in Orem, Utah. (Remember last year?)  It’s from 11:00-1:00 and you can find more details at the American Quilting Blog. Ice cream included! [external_footer]

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