Best Bathroom Scales in 2021 as reviewed by Australian consumers

Best Bathroom Scales in 2021 as reviewed by Australian consumers


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Latest review: Worked for first week then stopped doing anything except weight. No body mass etc. The body mass was nothing like what was shown at chemist anyhow. Now the weight shows on the app but doesn’t save.

Latest review: I’ve had these scales for over 8 years. They used to work well – but recently I’m having the same issues as everyone else – wide variances in weight – changes of 1-2 kg between weigh in’s after a cou

Latest review: The scales give a different reading whenever their position is changed. A person’s weight can change in seconds by several kilos, if the device is moved a few inches. Highly inaccurate so I would not

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Latest review: The scale seemed to work really well for a while and it has some good features, but there is something clearly wrong with it. It’s almost like is has a “memory”, so it will give you a reading on a

Latest review: Withings Body Cardio has inspired me to weigh regularly. It provides more than numbers. I get all the essential body composition readings including vascular age. The Scale works seamlessly with Fit

Latest review: Weights are reasonably consistent day to day and with our other machine (different make). No complaints here. However fat, moisture and muscle % levels are always individually consistent but the

Latest review: Hopeless bluetooth functionality which never lets you port the data back to the app and then the scales tells you it’s data storage is full.. because it never transfers it’s data to your phone.

Latest review: This is the worst product I have ever owned, any category. Expensive, slow (when it even works), chews through batteries after batteries, it is a joke of a product and not a funny one. The one

Latest review: I have had these scales over 5 years and they have continued to perform well. Readings consistent with medical scales and body fat and hydration readings shown also. They are quick to set up and show

Latest review: Bought 1/3/2014 and used regularly and yet to replace batteries. Measures down to 50g and reading are accurately repeatable. Sometimes it does take a while for the reading to stabilise. Good clear

Latest review: I purchased this product to monitor my infants weight during pandemic, when medical services were limited and unavailable. Accurate and reliable readings, easy to use functions, would reccomend for

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Latest review: We have two – one we bought new in 2005 and the other we bought second hand at a school fete. Both are accurate and – as for long lasting?! The second one has “Made in West Germany” on it. There’s

Latest review: I bought these half a lifetime ago. Still going strong. They were dear for scales at the time, about $80 (with a discount!) at Hardly Normal IIRC. The solar thingo can take a bit of charging now

Latest review: I bought this a month ago ( Amazon $54aud) and so far quite happy with my purchase. Original battery is still working and as it’s a common size is easy to replace / install, consistently accurate and

Latest review: I used an old amazon account to buy this and couldn’t find proof of purchase anymore. Still, five years history of weight recording from this device is proof enough. Its a good weighing scales as

Latest review: This unit worked fantastic for just under 6 years. Really great. Loved it! Then I get an error message. Only ever had that msg if we stepped on scales too soon. Changed batteries, no change. Emailed

Latest review: I bought these just under a year ago and haven’t had any issues with them. They’re easy to use and the weight is clearly shown. When comparing the weight I get on these to the weight I get at the