Best Cleaner for Wood Cabinets

best cleaner for wood cabinets

wondering what the best cleaner for wood cabinets is and how often you should clean your cabinets? you’re not alone. as important as cleaning your cabinets may be, it’s not usually part of most people’s regular cleaning schedule. read on to learn the best cleaner for kitchen cabinets, how to clean your cabinets, and whether there is a different cabinet cleaner for wood cabinet doors vs. painted cabinet doors.

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how to find the best cleaner for wood cabinets

if you’re like most people, cleaning cabinet doors isn’t something you do regularly. most people spot clean with a damn sponge when things are visibly dirty, and then don’t think about it again until grimy hands make the surface obviously dirty again. that’s totally fine, but you should make a point to clean all of your cabinet occasionally, and at least yearly. a good cleaning refreshes the look of the cabinets, wiping away dust, dirt, grease, grime, and fingerprints.

regular cleaning not only makes your cabinets look better, but it also makes your cabinets—which you touch every day—more sanitary. proper cleaning also helps preserve the wood and helps the finish on your cabinets last longer. however, note that cleaning your cabinet doors correctly is just as important as cleaning cabinet doors regularly. that means knowing what to use to clean kitchen cabinets, as well as knowing how to clean them correctly. the wrong products and the wrong technique can damage your cabinets, whereas the right products and cleaning methods will provide a deep but safe clean.

before you start cleaning: choosing the best cleaner for wood cabinets

it’s tempting to start cleaning your cabinets with whatever product you happen to have under the sink. however, this is risky because you could unintentionally do a lot of damage to your cabinet doors and the cabinets themselves. no matter the finish, your cabinets and cabinet doors are made of wood. whether you’re addressing damage like water stains or just keeping them looking their best, your cabinets need to be treated with care, just like any other wood furniture. that includes choosing the best product to clean wood cabinets.

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even in the kitchen, where your cabinets can get surprisingly greasy and grimy, you should avoid harsh cleaners designed to dissolve built-up residues. these products might get the grease off, but they’re also likely to take some of the finish off too. you should also avoid abrasive scrubbing cleaning products or tools, including stiff-bristle brushes or stainless-steel pads, that will do more scratching on the surfaces of your cabinets than cleaning. in general, the best cleaner for wood cabinets is a mild cleaning product and gentle tools. despite what you might think, the best cleaner for kitchen cabinets can often be used throughout the rest of your kitchen, too.

staying on top of maintenance cleaning

before we get into the complete cleaning of your cabinet doors and discuss the best cleaner for kitchen cabinets, we want to emphasize the importance of cleaning your cabinets regularly with routine maintenance. performing a few minutes of cabinet cleaning upkeep each month is a lot easier than only doing a deep cleaning of all your cabinets on a yearly basis. prevent grime from building up by lightly dusting or wiping the cabinet doors every few weeks.

it’s also helpful to be proactive about wiping up stains and splatters on your doors as soon as they happen. this not only prevents any staining of your finish, but catching it quickly also makes it easier to wipe off. additionally, you can preserve the integrity of your cabinets, doors, and finish by moving your coffee pot, kettle, toaster, or pressure cooker away from your cabinets to prevent steam from billowing up into the cabinets and cabinet doors. the excess moisture can warp the wood, damage the finish, and trap dust and dirt against the surface.

what do you use to clean hardwood cabinets and what’s the best cabinet cleaner?

now you know what not to use on your cabinets. you know that harsh products that can strip your cabinets and damage the finish, and you know to avoid abrasive products and tools. but how do you figure out what to use to clean kitchen cabinets correctly? should you use different products for regular maintenance cleaning and for deeper cleaning? you might be surprised by the best cleaner for kitchen cabinets.

the good news is that the best products to clean cabinet doors are probably in your house right now. and if they’re not, you can find them easily, and at a low cost, at your grocery store. in fact, the best kitchen cabinet cleaner and polish is actually a homemade cabinet cleaner. you can use just one of the suggested products below, or you can combine some of them to get a deeper clean on the grimiest cabinets. here’s what we recommend for your diy cabinet cleaner:

  1. dish soap –we have been building cabinet doors for over 40 years, and in all that time the best cleaner for kitchen cabinets we’ve ever found is grease-fighting dish soap. that might surprise you until you think about it. most of the build-up on your cabinet doors is grease from cooking or food preparation anyway. it makes sense that the product that degreases your dishes is also ideal for your cabinets. to use dish soap as a homemade cabinet cleaner, squirt a small amount of dish soap into a large bowl or bucket and fill with warm water. use a non-abrasive sponge or a rag to clean your doors with this diy cabinet cleaner. just a little dish soap and water, and you have a powerful solution for cleaning every inch of your cabinet doors.
  2. vinegar –if your cabinets have a thicker, stickier residue on them, you may need something acidic like vinegar to cut through it. mix one part distilled white vinegar with two parts warm water in a spray bottle, and then mist it onto the cabinet surface. don’t fully soak your cabinets, and don’t let it sit for too long. this solution is also great for cleaning metal door hardware, which is also important to clean periodically. it’s good at cleaning stainless steel for the same reasons, so try using it on your appliances if you’re ready to deep clean the whole kitchen. if the vinegar solution alone isn’t tackling sticky grime, add a few drops of dish soap and that should do the job.
  3. baking soda – you can tackle the toughest stains, like splattered tomato sauce, with a paste made from baking soda and water. apply it to the problem area with an old toothbrush or sponge and scrub the area lightly. be careful not to scrub too hard, or you’ll damage your cabinet doors. then rinse with water and clean the area with a dish soap solution if necessary.
  4. microfiber cloths –rags, old towels, or paper products are all fine to use, but the best products for cleaning cabinet doors are microfiber cloths. they will not damage the wood or the finish, but they are also great at picking up dust and other debris. don’t hesitate to use a sponge or rag if you don’t have a microfiber cloth, but if you have some on hand, your cabinets will appreciate it.

each homemade cabinet cleaner works as the best product to clean wood cabinets because they all work well on any kind of cabinet door regardless of how it is finished. that means sealant, stain, and paint will all stand up to the gentle products listed above. there are other products you can use for cleaning, but they may not be safe for all types of cabinet doors, which is why we recommend that you use the options outlined here. the best cleaner for wood cabinets is gentle enough to work for all of them.

techniques for cleaning cabinet doors: using the best cleaner for wood cabinets correctly

using the best cabinet cleaner for your cabinets is half the equation, and using the right cleaning technique is the other half. first, it’s generally a good idea to apply your cleaning solution directly to your cloth rather than the cabinet itself. start at the top of the cabinet and work your way down, wiping back and forth from side to side. be sure to get the sides, tops, and underneath the cabinet doors, as well as being careful to get into the grooves and crevices if your doors have a lot of detail. clean under the cabinet overlay and clean the faces and sides of the cabinet boxes themselves. wipe down the hardware as well, as it can get dirty over time, too.

once the cabinets are clean and free of grease, food residue, dust, and fingerprints, wipe the doors again with a clean, moist cloth to remove any cleanser residue. then go back one more time with a dry cloth to remove any moisture. remember: too much moisture isn’t good for wood cabinet doors, so make sure you don’t saturate the doors or leave them wet. if you have cabinet doors with glass, apply a standard glass cleaner to a clean cloth and wipe carefully, avoiding getting the glass cleaner on the wood. if you do get any glass cleaner on wood, use the gentle dish soap diy cabinet cleaner to make sure that your finish isn’t damaged.

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when cleaning cabinet doors isn’t enough: replacing your cabinet doors

even when you know what to use to clean kitchen cabinets and when using excellent cleaning habits and the best cleaner for wood cabinets, cabinet doors will eventually wear out with time and use. if you finish cleaning your cabinets using the best cleaner for kitchen cabinets and decide that your cabinet doors still don’t look great, it might be time to replace them. thankfully, in many cases, getting brand new cabinet doors can completely refresh the look of your cabinets and your room. has hundreds of styles to choose from along with multiple finish options to help you choose replacement cabinet doors you’ll love. you can order your cabinet doors in the exact style, wood species, finish, and size you need, so that you get custom cabinet doors. and, since we are the manufacturer, you get to skip the middleman, along with the middleman’s retail markup, so you get your custom cabinet doors factory-direct at a great price. that means that you get a lot more for your money, making replacing your cabinet doors much more affordable and budget friendly.

since we custom-build each door to your specifications so that it fits your existing cabinet perfectly, you get new cabinet doors that fit perfectly every time. even if you have an older home, or unusually sized cabinets because of original custom cabinetry, we can make cabinet doors that are custom-sized to fit your cabinets. even better, once you order your replacement cabinet doors, we’ll build them and send them from our factory right to your door in a matter of a few weeks. get our high quality product, custom-sized for your needs and built to your specifications, delivered directly to you.

it’s always helpful to know what the best cleaner for wood kitchen cabinets is so that you can take the best possible care of your cabinets. however, if your kitchen, bathroom, or office needs more than a deep clean, consider replacement cabinet doors from take some time to explore our selection before learning about our easy ordering process and making your order. if you have questions at any point, please feel free to contact us through our website, call our team at +61404532026, or email us at when it comes to replacement cabinet doors, always delivers. 

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