Chinese Garden

chinese garden plan of chinese garden.

most of the existing features and familiar landmarks will be retained and enhanced as they hold special memories for singaporeans. the scenic beauty of chinese garden will be preserved by retaining existing landforms and water
zones. new garden features will be added to bring out the theme of garden artistry.

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chinese garden a new event lawn with a capacity of 7,000 people will enable visitors to create shared memories with views of the pagoda and jurong lake.

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chinese garden wind is generated by a waterfall and then channelled through a bamboo tunnel planted with fragrant plants to create a cool fragrant corridor.

chinese garden the vegetable factory café will feature edibles grown under low light conditions in the garden.

chinese garden in the evening, the moon lantern terrace will be lit up like lanterns that reflect the moon’s phases, be it a crescent moon, a waxing moon, a waning moon, or a full moon.

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chinese garden the nature rambling trail enables children to explore and learn about aquatic biodiversity in a natural setting.

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