Classy Steampunk Bathroom Ideas

Classy Steampunk Bathroom Ideas

Steampunk bathroom ideas showcasing a masculine type of bathroom that if executed well can be appealing to anyone who loves a bathroom that makes a statement. Steampunk bathroom decor often embrace an industrial vibe. Accessories of steampunk bathroom often use materials like copper, brass, granite, corrugated steel and other mechanical pieces to incorporate with 19th century industrial age fixtures and light fittings. The theme of steampunk bathroom can be created by using color, fixtures, lighting and another bathroom element which will bring out the uniqueness of your bathroom. There are many ideas to make a steampunk bathroom and this article has them listed to be an inspiration if you look for some.

Steampunk Bathroom Copper

Classy Steampunk Bathroom Ideas


Credit: The Remarkable Toilet Company

This copper finish bathtub gives a Victorian groove into a bathroom which is one of the methods to designate the style of steampunk. Copper elements are one of the key components of a steampunk bathroom. The rustic wood finished incorporating the copper finish in the bathroom is one of the significant features of steampunk interior design.

The combination of classic dark brown cabinet and the golden pipe in the bathroom serve a nice color scheme to accompany the copper bathtub in the order created relaxing and graceful feeling during the bath time. The chic classic view can also be showcased in this bathroom. All these features intensify the retro-look of steampunk style. Looking old yet modern is what we want to show in the steampunk bathroom after all.

Steampunk Bathroom Accessories

Classy Steampunk Bathroom Ideas

Credit: Livinator

When you want to try adding steampunk style in your bathroom, a single accessory can be a nice move to step up the game. This can be done by using a copper pipe to hang some towels in the bathroom. The use of pipe and copper finish material is one the key element of steampunk style.This single touch can elevate your interior design of the bathroom without making a hole in your wallet. This also suitable for someone who just wants to experience a slight change in their bathroom without changing their interior design. This steampunk touch will provide a retro style in your modern bathroom.

Steampunk Bathroom Lighting

Classy Steampunk Bathroom Ideas

The lighting element needs to be done well because it is an important role in providing a steampunk style. The touch of industrial age can show by using some conventional light bulbs which also created in that era. Those light bulbs showcasing an old-school factory with its dim light.To complement the light bulbs, you can add stainless steel stuff, mirror or deeper color tiles in order to help the light to be reflected nicely and created nice elegant ambiance.

Steampunk Bathroom Faucet

Classy Steampunk Bathroom Ideas

Credit: Copper Bath Australia

The key element to elevate your steampunk style in your bathroom can be done with one single touch. After the lighting that plays an important role in creating an ambiance, the faucets also one of the main role in steampunk bathroom.

These nice detailed faucets deliver a Victorian era’s touch in the bathroom. The metallic finished sink also looks good with this copper faucets, looking good within the same finished looks. This bathroom looks fancy and pretty with antique bathroom vanity as well.

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Steampunk Bathroom Sink

Classy Steampunk Bathroom Ideas

Credit: The Remarkable Toilet Company

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You can use an old furniture that has been modified can be a nice idea to add a steampunk style to your bathroom. Old furniture gives antique and artistic looks to your bathrooms that embrace the Victorian style interior design.When you are able to find an old furniture, you can refurbish and remodel it by yourself because purchasing new furniture can cost you big money. After all, this style showcasing old style more often than some new furniture. The remodel furniture can also give personal and unique style since the furniture is modeled to match your own preference.

Steampunk Bathroom Vanity

Classy Steampunk Bathroom Ideas

Credit: Decoholic

The steampunk style can be accomplished by revamping your bathroom vanity. An old and timeworn stuff for your vanity can beautify your style.Adding a significant eye-catching accessory to the frame of the mirror will make a magnificent presentation of the room. It will draw an attention since there is a noticeable ornament that hard to miss out.The stone sink will make you feel like you are in the Stone Age era. The steampunk element added by the roughly finished walls and also the use of the dim light in the bathroom.

Steampunk Bathroom Mirror

Classy Steampunk Bathroom Ideas

Credit: Design-milk

The industrial look is the main point of steampunk style which includes the use of steel pipe, copper material, bricks, and metallic stuff. The bathroom looks slightly spooky with a pair of mirrors and dim lighting. There is a pair of long polished metal pipes in between mirrors and also a pair of ancient China ceramic. A copper dustbin also placed at the corner of the bathroom. This bathroom uses dark tiles to reflect the light, however, this arrangement makes the bathroom doesn’t have enough light to provide. This can also make some people with bad eyesight can be uncomfortable.

Steampunk Style Bathroom

Classy Steampunk Bathroom Ideas

Credit: Andre Rothblatt Architecture

A steampunk style usually synchronized with black, brown, cream and metallic colors. This bathroom uses black matte finish bricks that complement bold touch to the bathroom. The wallpaper uses in the upper part of the wall is a Victorian style pattern. The color combination within black matte and gold pattern on the wall enhance strong and elegance vibe to the bathroom. The placement of the toilet tank that separated from the toilet by using a copper pipe. The industrial era also is shown in this bathroom with the classic light bulbs that proving nice lighting to the bathroom.

Steampunk Bathroom Fixtures

Classy Steampunk Bathroom Ideas

Credit: Vintage Plumbing

This bathroom showcasing a clear view of steampunk style. The old shower style that shows from the use of metal pipes mimicking the ones in the industrial era. This shower stall looks minimalist yet classic. It would look just as good in a home with unique eclectic features including steampunk or Victorian rooms.

Steampunk Bathroom Arts Print

Classy Steampunk Bathroom Ideas

Credit: Vhomez

The modern style bathroom usually carries on the minimalist look without any particular pattern nor sophisticated paintings. However, the steampunk style bathroom which inspired by Victorian-era tends to use sophisticated paintings in their bathroom.If hanging paintings on the bathroom wall are too extravagant, you can try printed art on the surface of the closet. It makes a different and eye-catching element to your bathroom. This will surely bring attention to your bathroom because of its uniqueness.

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Contemporary Steampunk Bathroom

Classy Steampunk Bathroom Ideas

Credit: Steampunkary

A bathroom with steampunk style and modern style can be a good combination for your house. This quirky steampunk bathroom combines the best of both styles. The combination of warm wood structure and vintage style fixture in the bathroom. The light color would give a modern style a fancy chic look while the hardware that colored in shiny gold and silver match the decor install which combines the modern vibe of the tiles. The images of vintage hot air balloons embrace a vintage vibe of the bathroom.The brown and white color in the bathroom enhance the darker accents on the hot air balloons drawings. A lovely bathroom decor for a family.

Steampunk Bathroom Curtain

Classy Steampunk Bathroom Ideas

Credit: Her White Sunrise

In a modern style bathroom, plastic curtain usually being used in the shower stall. But, back in the day, a piece of cloth usually being used to prevent splashes in the shower. Adding this old-school style in the bathroom can make up the steampunk style for your bathroom. However, since you use a piece of cloth as a curtain, you have to clean and wash the curtain regularly. This little touch can make your bathroom looks dainty.

Modern Steampunk Bathroom Faucet

Classy Steampunk Bathroom Ideas

Credit: Remove and Replace

Some steampunk style stuff can be a nice idea for a modern look in your bathroom. You can reuse old fixtures to create a new installment in your bathroom with a throwback old looking stuff. A pair of old faucet can be remodeled with some pipe and combining both faucets and created a new faucet installment in the bathroom. This style will look good with nice shiny silver sink to make the faucet more stand out and a nice vintage mirror with gold detail to match the gold colored faucet.

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Steampunk Bathroom Decor

Classy Steampunk Bathroom Ideas

Credit: Luchettikrelle

This bathroom delivers the steampunk style very clearly. the combination of steel pipes, dim lighting, and harshly finished ceilings makes the bathroom look great. The dark color of the pipes gives out very old looking pipes that have been used for ages. The three light bulbs produced dim lighting with the perfect soft ambiance. Another thing is the combination of the wall tiles and floor tiles make the bathroom a retro style which matching another element in the bathroom.

Steampunk Toilet Paper Holder

Classy Steampunk Bathroom Ideas

Credit: This Old House

The little detail in the bathroom such as a toilet holder can give you a touch of steampunk style as long as you do it correctly. Steampunk style always correlating with the mechanical fixture and plumbing elements. Adding this element to your bathroom even just a slightly will be a game changer to make your bathroom look fantastic. Find an old pipe and turn it into a toilet paper holder. The fastest way to make a steampunk bathroom is always reused and old furniture and fixture to make the best out those things rather than buy a new one.

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Steampunk Lighting Fixture

Classy Steampunk Bathroom Ideas

Credit: Homes and Hues

When playing with a refurbished material and fixtures, you can also play it with the lighting. The key features of steampunk lighting is a dim light. Light bulbs are the best answer to creating the dim light picture in steampunk bathroom style. Combining it with Victorian style can also help create steampunk style because they tend to use vintage stuff or fixture with the original shape of an invention. Try to place a pair of light bulbs which filaments are clearly seen through the glass. The lights’ holders with a great vintage design and color will make a great color ambiance to complement the dim lights.

Heavy Steam Shower Head

Classy Steampunk Bathroom Ideas

If you want to add a touch of steampunk style in your modern bathroom, try using this shower head that is the one belonging to steampunk style which provides you some old-fashioned design. Despite being old-fashioned, this shower head still looks chic and fancy for your bathroom. That is basically how to give steampunk style to your bathroom. The sepia photo hanging above the toilet tank is another way to add steampunk style to your room. A sepia photo was enjoyed by many people back then. The decor also gives a classic touch to the room. After all, it serves you with a nice view of the bathroom. This bathroom also gives you a clean look and spacious view that is nice to see.

Steampunk Bathroom Shelves

Classy Steampunk Bathroom Ideas

Credit: Runtedrun

When you want to make a statement design with steampunk style without making it too extravagant, try it with this bathroom shelves. Combination of the light color wood and dark color pipes is a nice assortment to the view of the bathroom. You can use old pipes and installed it on the wall as a holder and add the wood on top of it. When you have large space, you can also add some long pipe that can be used to hang the towel as well at the bottom of the shelves. This decor can be adjusted on the material that you used, such as the type of the wood or pipes color, to match with the color palette of the room.

Steampunk Nautical Bathroom

Classy Steampunk Bathroom Ideas

Credit: Design Sponge

This bathroom is a nice looking vintage chic bathroom with off-white color dominating the room. This can look old and rustic, however, there is a huge octopus drawing curtain that gives the room a nice contrast. The steampunk nautical style of this room is quite strong with the octopus drawing and some pipes element on the side of the toilet. The octopus curtain also gives dimensional to the room and make some cozy feeling to the room. A nice place to take a bath is peaceful.

Those are 19 steampunk bathroom ideas that might be suited to your needs. You can choose one of those ideas to be applied in your bathroom whichever suited your style and budget wise. You can always make an awesome steampunk style bathroom without emptying your wallet.


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