Deterring Magpies and other larger birds!

With more and more of us choosing to feed our local garden birds, there are more and more pests stumbling upon our patches and making their presence known! Magpies! Highly adaptive and socially intelligent. Some of us enjoy all types of birds and other wildlife visiting our garden or local patch. However, in the case of Magpies, it can be irritating to watch them gobble up all of the food you so kingly put out on your feeders!

So not only are the Squirrels a pest to some of us, but the larger birds are too! Some of us may enjoy the visits of bigger birds, such as Magpies. However, for the majority of us bigger birds and magpies are nothing more than pests that like to eat up all of the food we put out. If they’re not kept sufficiently fed (and lets face it they eat a lot!), they’ll quickly revert to eating the young and eggs of smaller birds and have even been known to swoop at children and pets. For individuals who see many frequent visitors and residents to their garden this can be worrying.

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Magpies are seen as social and intelligent creatures. Interestingly, they do not like to be looked at.

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Considering how social and intelligent the birds are, they detest being looked at. In Australia where the birds are noticeably violent this has proven to be an effective method of avoiding them. Children will strap paper eyes to the back of their caps to scare off magpies that may otherwise have swooped at them.

Embrace this method, and stick a few pairs of eyes on your walls or trunks near a feeder and they’re unlikely to spend long periods around your garden. Hanging reflective CDs from the trees will produce a similar effect, spooking the creatures further.

Hopefully they’ll prove to be just a passing nuisance, though these techniques aren’t fool proof. In larger areas the eyes and reflective items may not be large or visible enough to scare them off entirely. With their rapidly expanding numbers Magpies can become an urgent problem, and in larger gardens and fields a scarecrow can still be an effective way of repelling them, being far more visible than the options mentioned above.

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As long as you use these methods and avoid baiting them through left out meat you should have no trouble keeping magpies out of your garden.