‘Don’t do it’: Gardener’s warning against easy Discovery Garden mistake

If you’ve managed to get your hands on any of the plants from Woolworths’ brand new Discovery Garden promotion, then you need this information right now.

It comes from a gardening expert, who took to Facebook with an important warning hoping to help ensure that everyone’s plants thrive.


They cautioned shoppers to resist the temptation to chuck everything in the ground at once.

Instead, they recommended that people follow the seasons suggested for each plant ki to give the plant the best chance at thriving.

“Best you look up which seeds should be planted at what time of year,” one kind gardener wrote on a Woolworths Discovery Garden Facebook page.

“For some reason this promotion could not have been done at a worse time. As for most herbs it’s harvest time, and these seeds shouldn’t be germinated until late winter/early spring. If you plant certain herbs now, they will all die during the first frost.”

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Gardeners warned shoppers not to plant all their Woolworths Discovery Garden kits at once. Source: Facebook

Many shoppers already planted their Woolworths Discovery Gardens

Unfortunately, it seems like the warning had come too late for many people – with several commenters responding to say that their plants were already all in the ground.

“I already planted mine – oops!” one person admitted.

“Too late, they’re already in the ground,” someone else quickly responded.

“I just wish they’d include the planting season on (the kits) to save us having to look each one up!” a third commenter responded.

The planting season of each kit can be found on the Woolies website, alongside lots of other helpful information to ensure your plants grow well.

You can pick up a Discovery Garden plant kit every time you spend $30 online or in-store at Woolworths.

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Each Woolworths Discovery Garden plant has a specific planting season. Source: Facebook

When to plant your Woolworths Discovery Garden

To help your garden flourish, here are exactly when each of your Discovery Garden plants need to go into the ground:


  • Cornflour: autumn to early winter
  • Salvia: spring to summer
  • Dianthus: spring to autumn
  • Phacelia: mid spring to summer
  • Lavender: autumn and spring in cooler climates
  • Poppy: autumn and spring in cooler climates
  • Phlox: spring and summer
  • Aster: spring to summer
  • Zinnia: early spring to summer
  • Pansy ‘Admire’: mid-summer to autumn
  • Swan River Daisy: spring to autumn


  • Red basil: spring to summer
  • Chives: spring to autumn
  • Thyme: autumn to early spring
  • Oregano: spring to autumn
  • Lemon balm: spring to autumn
  • Sage: spring to autumn


  • Bunching onion: all year
  • Carrot ‘All Seasons’: all year (except winter in cold areas)
  • Cabbage Sugarloaf: summer to autumn
  • Tomato Cherry: early spring to summer
  • Lettuce Mixed Salad: late winter to autumn
  • Perpetual Spinach: spring to autumn
  • Silverbeet: spring to autumn
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