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Garden line

String or cord that is stretched tightly between two canes or spikes, marking a straight line. For example, a garden line is useful to help create a straight seed_drill.

Garden Line

We use garden lines to help us mark a straight line for things like drills (where seeds need to be sown in lines). A piece of wire is stretched between two posts or upright canes to mark out where we want our straight line to be.

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A garden line can be improvised from a length of string and two stakes, some people prefer to use a board marked with saw cuts to show planting distances.

Now you have everything to make a start. Secateurs, shears, loppers and pruning saws can come later, as the need for them arises.

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A ~ such as the Nutscene Peg It, pegs and ~ (£14, Nutscene), will ensure that seeds are sown in straight lines, making better use of the space and a neater plot.

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Straight lines mean you can make more efficient use of space …

Use ~s to make sure that your row(s) are straight. If using container grown plants, plant in holes ensuring that the final soil level is the same as it was in the pot. Water well and add a mulch. This will retain moisture and reduce weeds.

Use a ~ to mark out a straight edge to lay your first row of turves, don’t rely on the straight edge of a wall or path – the chances are it won’t be straight.

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makers of the Aero~ of indoor gardening products, and the National Gardening Association are celebrating the transition between the summer, outdoor gardening season and the winter, indoor gardening season with the creation of National Indoor Gardening Day.

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