Looking for help with a lawn or garden question?

Need help identifying an insect or plant disease?


The Garden Line provides horticulture-related advice for Portage County residents. The Garden Line can answer questions related to: Trees & Shrubs, Vegetables, Flowers, Houseplants, Insect Pests, and Fertilizers.

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Available by Phone — +61404532026

Please leave message with support staff or on voice mail. Most calls are returned within 1 – 3 business days. Garden Line is answered by the UW-Extension Summer Horticulturist and Portage County Master Gardener Volunteers.

By E-Mail — livingcornerofficial@gmail.com

Walk-ins — Stop in, during normal office hours to the Portage County UW-Extension office.

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What we need for plant identification:

  • If possible, submit the entire plant (especially for weeds); the roots may be important for identification.
  • For trees and shrubs — a branch with leaves attached.
  • Flowers and fruits are also helpful in identification.
  • Submit sample in plastic bag; do NOT water.
  • Wrap turf in foil; do NOT water.
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What we need for insect identification:

  • Insect specimen, preferably alive.
  • Bring in a small jar or plastic container, so it doesn’t get squashed.
  • Detail the location where it was found.

What we need for disease identification:

  • For herbaceous plants, submit entire plant that has symptoms, if possible; otherwise, several leaves and stems.
  • For woody plants, submit the branch that has symptoms (living and dead parts).
  • Submit sample in plastic bag; do NOT add water.