Garden of Tranquillity/Quick guide

Garden of Tranquillity/Quick guide

This is the quick guide for Garden of Tranquillity.

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Starting out

Gathering seeds

  • See to the survival of your crops as you see fit.
  • Always have on you: A rake, seed dibber, spade, secateurs, watering can, gardening trowel, and ring of charos(a).
  • Equip the ring of charos(a).

Elstan south of Falador

Item required: a marigold seed

  • Talk to Elstan. (Garden of Tranquillity/Quick guide 123221)
  • Grow marigolds in the patch.
  • Once grown, give them to Elstan for the delphinium seeds

Lyra north-west of Port Phasmatys

Items required: 3-6 onion seeds

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Kragen north of Ardougne

Items required: 3-6 cabbage seeds

Dantaera in Catherby

Item required: secateurs, Gardening trowel, a filled plant pot (can be bought from the nearby store), a filled watering can

  • Talk to Dantaera. (Garden of Tranquillity/Quick guide 1222)
  • Travel to Ice Mountain, next to Edgeville Monastery.
  • Use secateurs on the White Tree located on the northern part of the Ice Mountain.
  • Put the White Tree Shoot in your plant pot and water it.

Brother Althric at the Edgeville monastery

Item required: a fishing rod

  • Talk to Brother Althric. (Garden of Tranquillity/Quick guide 2)
  • Run over to Edgeville and throw the ring of charos(a) down the well, then go and pick 4 seeds from the red, pink, and white roses from the monastery.
  • Retrieve your ring with a fishing rod or return to Fenkenstrain’s Castle if you destroyed it.

Bernald behind the Burthorpe pub

Items required: a rune/pure essence, a hammer, 2 plant cures, a pestle and mortar and Ring of charos (a).

Returning to planted crops

  • Return to Elstan south of Falador, Lyra north-west of Port Phasmatys and Kragen north of Ardougne once your crops have grown.

Lumbridge Castle

  • Use the trolley on the statue of a king.
  • Push (or big push) the trolley east over the bridge then place it on the northern plinth in the garden.

Falador Square

  • Use the trolley on the statue.
  • Push the trolley north through the gate then place it on the southern plinth in the garden.


Items required: 2 buckets of compost or supercompost, a seed dibber, a rake, a spade, and Ring of charos (a).

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  • Return to Ellamaria’s garden.
  • Fill the 2 plant pots with compost.
  • Plant everything. They take 10–15 minutes to grow and cannot die. (Make sure your White Tree Shoot is watered otherwise it won’t work when you try to plant it.)
  • Talk to Ellamaria.
  • Talk to King Roald. (Garden of Tranquillity/Quick guide 122)
    • Make sure you have the Ring of charos (a) equipped when talking to King Roald or he will not follow you.
  • Watch the cutscene.

Quest complete!


Required for completing

  • Swan Song
  • Varrock Diary (Medium, pick a white tree fruit)


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