• Cultivates Five Ways

    For more than 45 years, the Garden Weasel Cultivator has been a household name and helped make gardens look great!

    The Original 5-way tool loosens and cultivates with 3 interchangeable rotary bladed wheels.


  • Three Reasons to Use Garden Weasel:

    1. Durable steel design = Cultivate with half the effort & twice as fast.

    2. Scissor-like action of bladed wheels = Breaks up soil with ease and cleans itself with each turn.

    3. Detachable tines = Flexibility to work around rows & between plants.

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  • Garden Cultivating Tips

    Team up your Garden Weasel Cultivator with other products in our tool lineup and complete your yard work in no time.

    Create your gardening area with Weasel Edger. Then cultivate and aerate with Garden Weasel Cultivator.

    For new ground, break up the dirt first with Garden Claw. Allow air to circulate for optimum planting results.

    Garden Weasel Cultivator is perfect for maintaining garden beds. The rotary tines can bring weeds to the surface combining the functions of both a hoe and spade.

  • Product Features

    Durable carbon steel

    Comfort-grip handle

    Overall height = 54.5”

    Weather & rust resistant

    Easy to store

    Durable tines

    Aerates & weeds


    Lifetime Warranty

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  • Using the Garden Weasel Rotary Cultivator

    Simply apply the Garden Weasel to the soil and cultivate with a back-and-forth motion.

    For easier cultivating, slightly wet the soil.

    Detach 1 or 2 tines for work between narrow garden rows.

    Garden Weasel works at a constant 1 ½” depth.

    Helps the lawn breathe, absorb water & hold grass seed.