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Gardening (The Sims 4)


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A Sim tending to her garden

For gardening in other Sims games, see Gardening.
For the career track, see Gardener (career).

Gardening is a skill included in The Sims 4. It primarily focuses on a Sim’s ability to grow different types of plants. The plants grown through gardening can be sold or in some cases used in recipes. Reaching level 10 Gardening is the requirement for the Green Thumb Achievement.


Level Ability Interaction
1 Plant, Water, Weed, Harvest, Sell Plant interaction
1 Buy Starter, Seasonal and Catnip Seed Packets Planter interaction
1 Buy Seasonal Seed Packets Computer interaction
2 Research, Water Area, Evolve Plant interaction
2 Research Gardening Computer interaction
3 Fertilize, Increase Fun while Gardening Plant interaction
4 Talk to Plants, Harvest Area Plant interaction
5 Take Cutting, Graft Plant interaction
6 Weed Area Plant interaction
7 Buy Uncommon and Farmer’s Seed Packets Planter interaction
7 Spray Area for Bugs Plant interaction
8 Overgrow Bonsai Trees, Super Sell Bonsai interaction
9 Tend Garden Plant interaction
10 Buy Rare Seed Packets Planter interaction


Gardening is mainly built by tending various garden plants. Sims also read a gardening skill book to level the skill more quickly. After reaching level 2, sims can “Research Gardening” on any computer or Research Plant when interacting with a plant. At level 4, Sims can “Talk to Plants,” which will build the gardening skill and satisfy social needs.

Growing plants[]


Starting with level 1 gardening, a Sim can plant flowers, herbs, fruits, and vegetables on their property, either outdoors on bare earth, or in flower pots. The easiest way to start a garden is to purchase seed packets at a computer or by clicking on a flower pot, or buying the harvestable from shops around the world. Once the Sim received the seed packet, opening it will give the sim one (the higher level packs) or multiple (the starter packs) items that can be planted. Once the item is placed in a spot where it can be planted, the “Plant” interaction will appear when the Sim clicks on it.


After it is planted, the Sim can water it to keep it healthy until it grows. When a plant needs to be watered again, its base will appear dry. Every 12 Sim hours that it remains tended to, it will increase in health, until it is ready to increasing in quality. Every 12 Sim hours that it remains untended (unwatered, covered in weeds, or surrounded by bugs), it will decrease in health until it dies. Its current health is represented by a progress bar separated in segments when highlighting the plant. If the colored part of the bar is closer to the previous segment it means the plant is in poor health, halfway is normal or just evolved and closer to the next segment means its close to evolving. Each segment of the bar represents one of the quality stages of a plant. All plants need to be tended to at least once on a daily basis, meaning that even if a plant is not tended to for 12 hours, fully tending it once will provide double the progress of what it lost. None of the plants found on Sixam in The Sims 4: Get to Work require watering. Weeds and bugs occur randomly and can occur every 24 hours, or not at all. Plants that require weeding will produce small white and yellow flowers around their base. Plants that require the Sim to spray for bugs will have a large number of bugs flying around the plant and will make an audible ‘buzzing’ sound. Despite the name, the Sixam Mosquito Trap will have no effect on how often plants have to be sprayed for bugs. Starting at level 7, Sims will have the ability to “Tend Garden” which will enable them to autonomously move between all plants within range, taking care of any tending that the plants need. “Tend Garden” does not autonomously fertilize or harvest plants.


Every so often, plants will produce harvestables. How often depends on the plant. When it comes time to harvest a plant, it will produce a couple of harvestables. If harvested right away, the Sim might receive one harvestable and the plant will be reset, and will be harvestable again after the length of its cycle. If the plant is not harvested as soon as possible, it will continue to produce harvestables until reaching 10, the maximum that any plant can hold. These harvestables can now be eaten, sold, used to plant new plants, or used in cooking or herbalism recipes. Plants can be harvested an unlimited number of times.

However in The Sims 4: Seasons, a gardening overhaul synchronize all plants on the current lot to produce harvestables every 5 AM.


When plants reach maximum health, they can be evolved by a Sim, who has at least a level 2 gardening skill. This will increase the quality of the plants harvestables and their value. Increasing quality also increases the quality of dishes, drinks, and herbal remedies made with them. Planting a higher quality harvestable will result in a plant starting at that quality. There are five levels of quality: Normal, Nice, Excellent, Magnificent and Perfect. Most plants will increase from 2x to 3.5x their value between normal and perfect.


Starting at level 5, Sims can fertilize plants, which helps them evolve more quickly. Fertilizing does not affect the quality of the plant or harvestables, or how quickly harvestables are produced, and does not make the plant more resilient to needing water, weeding, or being sprayed for bugs. Plants can be fertilized with any plant or fish. Plants are the most common choice as they are easy to obtain and inexpensive to use up. There are also unconfirmed reports that trash plants and mushrooms are more effective than other plants, as fertilizers. The in-game description of growfruit states that it is a “great” fertilizer. Given its name and that it was added as part of a gardening event, it is probably the most effective possible fertilizer. Fish are more effective than most plants, increasing in effectiveness depending on the rarity of the fish.


After attaining level 5 in the gardening skill, Sims gain the ability to cut and graft plants. This allows them to make hybrid plants that grow multiple harvestables at once. To graft two plants together, the Sim simply needs to take a cutting from one plant and graft it onto another. The second plant will then need to regrow, but after reaching maturity will bear its original harvestable, as well as the harvestable of the plant that was grafted onto it. Certain grafting pairs will produce a third harvestable on the plant, unrelated to the original two. This is the only way to obtain several rare harvestables. After discovering one of these unique pairs, the recipe will be added to that Sim’s notebook. Because there are two possible recipes to create bonsai buds, only the first one discovered will show up in the notebook. Grafted plants produce harvestables at the rate of the base plant, not the plant that came from a cutting. They will also start at the quality of the base plant and grow in the season of the base plant. Multiple plants can be grafted onto one base plant, but plants can only hold up to 10 harvestables, and grafted plants will split that randomly between all types. Mushrooms and the Sixam Mosquito Trap cannot be cut or grafted onto. Too many cuttings will kill a plant; depending on the plant, they can survive one to three cuttings.

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The table below shows the possible grafting pairs that result in a new harvestable, it does not matter if Plant A or Plant B is the base plant.

Result Plant A Plant B
Grapes Blue Bells Strawberry
Parsley Sage Basil
Plantain Pear Lemon
Bird of Paradise Tulip Chrysanthemum
Bonsai Buds Daisy Strawberry
Bonsai Buds Grapes Rose
Cow Berry Dragonfruit Snapdragon
Dragonfruit Strawberry Snapdragon
Orchid Lily Snapdragon
Pomegranate Apple Cherry
Death Flower Orchid Pomegranate


Planting a Cow Berry results in a Cowplant, which does not produce berries. Therefore, the Cow Berry can only be naturally grown as part of a grafted plant. It is also possible to fish up a Cowberry in some waters.

Death and resurrection[]

If a plant is not tended to for long enough, it will die. Plants can also be killed by fire, being stomped, or the withering touch of a ghost killed by a Cowplant. After death, the plant will remain but will begin to produce an odor, similar to trash. No amount of tending can revive it. A Sim can pay §100 to revive a dead plant, at which point it will have to regrow, but will remain the quality it was before death.


Seasons (if installed) have an effect on plants, it decides if they grow and bear fruit or if they lay dormant to most plants. There are plants that are unaffected by the changing of the seasons and these will continue to grow, but need continued tending as well. Other plants only grow in one or two seasons and will lay dormant (like a just planted seed) while out of season. If a plant is dormant it does not need tending but it keeps its quality and can slowly gain in health as well. As seasons change a plant that is in season it starts growing as soon as the seasons change. When the season ends, plants that turn out of season go dormant immediately and disappear with the last harvest if this was not harvested. Some plants will not turn to the dormant state and even grow slowly if just planted if they are out of season, these plants will not however produce any harvestables unless it is the right season.


There are 32 harvestables that can be collected in the base game and 51 more were added with content packs, with a current total of 83. They are collected through finding them in the wild, grafting, or purchasing seed packets from the computer or garden plot and planting them. The harvestables from Content packs are often found in the corresponding World of the pack that introduced them. Due to the overhaul of gardening in The Sims 4: Seasons, all plants will start growing every 5:00 a.m. and will have reached their maximum number of crops for that day at 5:30 a.m. – if they are fully grown by then.

The updates made it very difficult to measure the growth rate of each plant. Some plants always mature after the same number of hours, with others the hours vary greatly.

Image Plant Name Rarity Value (Base / Perfect) Growth Rate Season/notes Form Vertical Garden Pack Description
Apple Common 3 / 8 36h Fall Tree No

Characterized by that distinctive snap-hiss, bites from an apple are likely to have Sims feeling full and refreshed.
Basil Common 2 / 6 24h Summer and Fall Bush Yes

Once known for its ability to ease pain from a scorpion-sting, this leafy herb now decorates elaborate meals.
Bluebell Common 2 / 5 36h Spring and Summer Bush Yes

A cluster of small blue blossoms.
Carrot Common 3 / 8 24h Spring and Fall Plant No

A sweet orange tuber.
Chrysanthemum Common 10 / 28 36h Summer and Fall Bush Yes

A beautiful flower that can be grown in the garden.
Daisy Common 2 / 7 24h Spring Bush Yes

A common bright flower of yellow and white.
Grape Common 8 / 23 48h Fall Bush Yes

Sims love popping these in their mouth like crisp, juice chocolates.
Lemon Common 6 / 17 60h All Seasons Tree No

A sour citrus fruit.
Mushroom Common 1 / 3 24h Spring and Fall Patch No

An earthy, edible fungus.
Parsley Common 2 / 4 24h Spring and Summer Plant Yes

A delicate, minty herb leaf.
Plantain Common 3 / 8 72h Summer Tree No

A starchy, Banana-like fruit. Best cooked before eating!
Sage Common 3 / 8 24h All Seasons Bush Yes

A musky, purple herb leaf.
Snapdragon Common 16 / 43 36h Spring and Fall Flowers Yes

A collection of small, vivid blossoms.
Spinach Common 1 / 3 24h Winter Bush Yes

A vitamin-rich dark green vegetable leaf.
Cherry Uncommon 8 / 23 60h Summer Tree No

A pair of small, red fruit with pits.
Lily Uncommon 36 / 100 36h Summer Flowers No

A large, vibrant blossom.
Onion Uncommon 6 / 16 48h Fall and Winter Plant No

A fragrant and tangy root vegetable.
Pear Uncommon 10 / 27 60h Fall and Winter Tree No

A crisp and fleshy fruit with a distinctive bell shape.
Potato Uncommon 3 / 9 24h Winter Plant No

A starchy, delicious underground tuber. The humble potato is often misidentified as a root.
Rose Uncommon 29 / 80 48h Spring and Fall Bush Yes

A blossom of beautiful color and lovely aroma.
Strawberry Uncommon 9 / 24 24h Spring Bush Yes

A small, sweet fruit with a red seed covered skin.
Tomato Uncommon 5 / 13 24h Summer Bush Yes

A juicy, red-skinned fruit often mistaken for a vegetable.
Tulip Uncommon 14 / 40 36h Spring Flowers No

[external_link offset=1]

A plump bloom that grows even after picking, with delicately pointed petals around a cluster of stigma.
Bird of Paradise Rare 51 / 142 36h Spring and Summer Bush Yes

A flame-tipped flower, known for its avian characteristics. They might take flight during winter months.
Blackberry Uncommon 3 / 9 96h Summer Bush Yes

An aggregate fruit, known for its tangy bite and smooth aftertaste. Great for pies!
Bonsai Buds Rare 35 / 97 24h All Seasons

A fully-grown bonsai shrub of Excellent quality or higher can be converted into a carvable bonsai tree.

Shrub No

A small cluster of fragrant, green berries that can grow bonsai shrubs.
Cow Berry Rare 180 / 500 24h All Seasons

Commonly fished up in the Hermit’s House Secret Lot of Granite Falls or Forgotten Grotto secret lot..

Other No

A plantable, strangely bovine fruit.
Dragonfruit Rare 250 / 695 96h Fall Plant No

An exotic, vibrant-colored fruit.
Orchid Rare 225 / 625 36h Spring and Winter

Rewarded after completing the space rock collection from the Rocket Science Skill.

Flowers No

A colorful, exotic blossom.
Pomegranate Rare 30 / 83 72h Winter Tree No

A rare red-skinned fruit with tart, edible seeds.
Trash Fruit Uncommon 1 / 2 24h All Seasons

Leave a pile of trash lying on exposed terrain, it will transform into a Trash Plant after about a day.

Bush No

A foul-smelling blossom inexplicably composed entirely of refuse.
U.F.O. (Unidentified Fruit Object) Rare 120 / 333 112h Fall

Obtained by exploring space in a rocket.

Plant No

Strange space fruit.
Death Flower Rare 240 / 667 48h Winter Bush No

A spooky, yet elegant blossom. Roses just don’t cut it for the Grim Reaper. Try this flower to calm his qualms and get out of a deadly situation.
Growfruit Common 30 / 83 80h All Seasons

Obtained from Jasmine Holiday.

Tree No

Characterized by a distinctive glow, growfruit is a tasty treat, a great fertilizer, and a superb ingredient.
Forbidden Fruit of the PlantSim Uncommon 90 / 250 84h All Seasons

Inside the Magical Bean Portal Tree. Turns Sims into PlantSims when eaten.

Tree No

Eat, and become like the PlantSim. Plant, and grow a tree of your own. Forbidden, for it is nothing more than a facade.
Chamomile Common 8 / 21 24h Summer Flowers No

A daisy-like flower commonly used to make herbal remedies.
Toxic Chamomile Common 4 / 12 24h Summer Flowers No

Not to be confused with its non-toxic cousin, this toxic flower causes tension when eaten.
Elderberry Common 2 / 5 18h Summer and Fall Bush Yes

This royal purple berry has a sweet taste when cooked.
Noxious Elderberry Common 2 / 6 18h Summer and Fall Bush Yes

This pale purple berry is poisonous when uncooked, and slightly less poisonous when cooked.
Fireleaf Uncommon 2 / 6 18h Spring and Summer Bush No

This plant gets its name from the dark red tint of its leaves.
Poison Fireleaf Uncommon 2 / 6 18h Spring and Summer Bush No

This infamous plant causes increased itchiness the longer you’re exposed to it.
Huckleberry Uncommon 2 / 7 18h Summer and Fall Bush Yes

This tiny berry is commonly used in fruit cobbler and pancakes.
Muckleberry Uncommon 3 / 8 18h Summer and Fall Bush Yes

If you’re looking to keep a clear head, this is not your muckleberry.
Morel Mushroom Rare 36 / 100 24h Spring and Summer Patch No

This edible fungus has a honeycomb-like appearance.
False Morel Mushroom Rare 6 / 17 24h Spring and Summer Patch No

This slightly green mushroom can have an adverse effect on a Sim’s bladder when consumed.
Garlic Uncommon 4 / 10 24h All Seasons

Can be assembled into braids and other Vampire deterrent

Patch No

An annual bulbous plant. Its bulbs can be harvested for cooking or decorating.
Plasma Fruit Uncommon 6 / 17 96h All Seasons

Can be consumed by Vampires to fulfill thirst instead of drinking from Sims

Tree No

The juice in this fruit has very similar properties to plasma.
Wolfsbane Uncommon 6 /.18 36h All Seasons Flowers No

This flower is nothing special in its raw form. When used as an ingredient in food and drink it will affect the nocturnally oriented.
Sixam Mosquito Trap Uncommon 23 / 63 180h All Seasons Plant No

Non-edible and hard to find. It is rumored these seeds are carried by the mosquitos who escape the plant’s trap.
Fang Flower Uncommon 18 / 50 120h Spring

Only found on the Sixam secret lot.

Tree No

This alien flower has quite the defense mechanism. It looks like it wants to bite you.
Glow Orb Rare 23 / 63 100h Winter

Only found on the Sixam secret lot.

Plant No

Stare into this orb indefinitely, we dare you. It’s absolutely mesmerizing, isn’t it?
Quill Fruit Rare 48 / 133 80h Summer

Only found on the Sixam secret lot.

Plant No

This Quill Fruit is hard to handle let alone comfortably carry in your pocket. Impressive!
Catnip No rarity – not part of a collection 3 / 8 28h All Seasons Plant Yes

Catnip will boost your cat’s energy making them insanely hyper!
Madnip No rarity – not part of a collection 3 / 8 28h All Seasons Plant Yes

Madnip will make your cats enraged with pure anger!
Napnip No rarity – not part of a collection 3 / 8 28h All Seasons Plant Yes

Napnip will help calm your cat and put them to sleep.
Nuzzlenip No rarity – not part of a collection 3 / 8 28h All Seasons Plant Yes

Nuzzlenip will make your cat friskier than usual.
Avocado Uncommon 15 / 42 80h All Seasons Tree No

Avocados are delicious vegetables! Er… delicious fruits? Well, whatever the correct classification it sure is good on toast!
Black Bean Uncommon 2 / 6 24h Summer and Fall Plant No

Black Beans are super nutritious and good for Sims. Additionally, they are very versatile and can be used in a wide range of dishes.
Merry Berry Rare 5 / 13 84h All Seasons

Grown off of the Tree of Emotions

Tree No

Happy little berries make for a happy little Sim. Just pop one in your mouth and try not to smile. I dare you.
Gutsberry Rare 5 / 13 84h All Seasons

Grown off of the Tree of Emotions

Tree No

These berries instill a sense of confidence in a Sim. Eat a bunch and you’ll get the guts for the most dangerous social maneuvers.
Vimberry Rare 5 / 13 84h All Seasons

Grown off of the Tree of Emotions

Tree No

These berries will get a Sim moving! Full of vim and vigor, nothing else gets you energized so quickly. And they’re delicious to boot! A win-win!
Flutterberry Rare 5 / 13 84h All Seasons

Grown off of the Tree of Emotions

Tree No

Be very careful around these berries. They will set your heart aflutter and can cause immediate flirtiness. Be aware of nearby Sims when consuming this fruit.

Cereberry Rare 5 / 13 84h All Seasons

Grown off of the Tree of Emotions

Tree No

A quick handful of these berries will focus a Sim like a laser beam! Great for snacking during homework or when you just want to be able to concentrate.
Museberry Rare 5 / 13 84h All Seasons

Grown off of the Tree of Emotions

Tree No

Writer’s block? Struggling to solidify that spark of a great idea? Fear not, because around this fruit you’re a bite away from a mouthful of inspiration
Razzleberry Rare 5 / 13 84h All Seasons

Grown off of the Tree of Emotions

Tree No

These yummy berries are squishy and juicy. One taste will remind Sims of their childhood and cause playful tendencies.
Begonia Uncommon 23 / 63 31h Summer and Fall Plant Yes

Begonia flowers can mean caution, but they stand out in a garden.
Christmas Rose Uncommon 14 / 39 36h Winter Plant Yes

While not actually a rose, this Christmas Rose is a star-shaped flower that is gorgeous at all times.
Crocus Uncommon 9 / 25 18h Spring and Winter Plant No

Crocus flowers share glee and cheer through their bloom.
Dahlia Uncommon 17 / 47 29h Fall Plant Yes

Dahlias have their own unique look and the blossoms revel in being different.
Holly Common 3 / 8 36h Fall and Winter Plant Yes

A sprig of holly leaves and berries brings a touch of Winterfest anywhere.
Snowdrop Uncommon 5 / 13 36h Winter Plant No

Snowdrops look like a little bit of snow suspended in the air.
Green Bean Uncommon 7 / 18 9h Summer and Fall Plant Yes

A perfect vegetable to eat at any time, hot or cold.
Bell Pepper Common 3 / 8 24h Summer Plant Yes

Perfectly ripe and sharp taste that can be eaten alone for a little spice.
Green Peas Common 3 / 8 24h Spring Plant Yes

That green vegetable that all Sims learn to eat when they’re young.
Money Fruit Rare 1,600 / 4,445 120h All Seasons

Purchased using Satisfaction Points in the Reward Store.

Tree No

This “fruit” is not for eating but will bring splendors to any Sim who plants it.
Bizarre Fruit Rare 2 / 5 Only grows in StrangerVille All Seasons

After opening the first gate in The Secret laboratory, plants around StrangerVille will grow into the mature stage and after talking with them will give the fruit.

Mother Plant can give the fruit if sim’s relationship with her is neutral.

[external_link offset=2]

Plant No

This Bizarre Fruit has an ominous glow to it. As if it contains some living spore… This thing should probably not be eaten.
Kava Root Uncommon 3 / 9 32h Spring and Summer Plant No

Found in the Sulani Islands, fresh Kava Roots are used to improve a drink best served for social events.

Kava Roots may seasonally be available in Spring and Summer.

Coconut Uncommon 3 / 7 12h Spring and Summer Tree No

If you’re willing to make the effort to crack the hard husk, you’ll be rewarded with creamy fruit and juice inside.

Coconuts may seasonally be available in Spring and Summer.
Pineapple Uncommon 4 / 11 32h Spring and Summer Bush No

You can forgive the misleading name as if apples grew on pine trees.

Pineapple may seasonally be available in Spring and Summer.

Taro Root Common 1 / 3 24h Spring and Summer Plant No

Don’t eat this raw! Boil, fry, mash, or bake this starchy tuber for a slightly earthy and sweet taste.

Taro may seasonally be available in Spring and Summer.
Mandrake Rare 3 / 8 12h Spring and Fall Plant Yes

This root, that is known to sometimes be shaped like Sim, has strange properties when mixed with other ingredients
Valerian Root Rare 3 / 7 12h Spring and Fall Plant No

Know to draw in many species of file with its frabrant scent. Best keep them away from your home cooking…
Soy Plant Common 3 / 7 12h Summer and Fall Bush Yes

A foundation for healthy living, this soy plant will produce Soy Beans and Soy Wax.
Blueberry Common 2 / 6 36h Summer Bush Yes

A small, sweet and juicy fruit. A great snack during the summer.
Chocoberry Uncommon 3 / 8 48h All Seasons Bush Yes

This fruit tastes just like chocolate, wow! Finally, a healthy alternative to chocolate!
Raspberry Common 2 / 5 36h Fall Bush Yes

A sweet and tart fruit that taste best in the fall season.
Lovely Mushroom Common 1 / 3 00:10h All Seasons Patch No

This wild fungi gives Sims a flirtatious feeling after consumed.
Spicy Mushroom Common 1 / 4 00:10h All Seasons Patch No

This is one hot fungi! Tastes great, if you want to feel the burn.
Verdant Mushroom Uncommon 2 / 7 00:30h All Seasons Patch No

This green wild mushroom is edible and provides Sims a focused feeling when consumed.
Mysterious Mushroom Rare 2 / 6 00:15h Spring and Summer Patch No

It’s still a mystery.
Nightly Mushroom Rare 24 / 67 00:20h Winter Patch No

These wild mushrooms glow beautifully at night and when consumed provide you with a boost in energy.
Charming Mushroom Uncommon 2 / 6 00:30h All Seasons Patch No

This edible wild mushroom appears golden in color and when consumed, gives Sims a confidence boost.
Wild Mushroom No rarity – not part of a collection 2 / 7 00:30h All Seasons Patch No

A Mushroom found in the wild.


Harvesting one of every base game plant, except the death flower and plantain, will complete the gardening collection and award the “Go, Green Thumbs!” plaque. Plants from various expansions are shown in it, but are not required to complete the gardening collection.

Image Description Value
At the behest of the local community, the Sim Gardening Society has decided to reward you for your impressive collection of flora both grown and pinched. No longer will you have to sneak surreptitiously behind your neighbor’s yard in search for that one last plant – you now have them all! §0


The Death Flower, all four variety of catnip, and the Sixam Mosquito Trap are not shown in the gardening collection.

Seed packets[]

Seed packets can be bought at a computer or, as of Patch 68, directly from build mode under the Outdoor Activities category. However, Vampire Lore Seed Packets must be bought from computers or garden plots. The Growfruit packet is currently unavailable.

Image Seed Packet Name Price Contains EP
Starter Flowers §35 Blue Bells, Chrysanthemum, Daisy [TS4:S ], Holly [TS4:S ]

Starter Fruits §35 Apple, Grapes, Plantain

Starter Herbs §35 Basil, Parsley, Sage

Starter Vegetables §35 Carrot, Mushroom, Spinach, Bell Pepper [TS4:S ], Green Pea [TS4:S ], Taro Root[TS4:IL ]

Farmer Flowers and Fruit §75 Apple, Blue Bells, Chrysanthemum, Daisy, Grapes, Holly, Plantain, Strawberry

Farmer Veggies and Herbs §75

Basil, Bell Pepper, Carrot, Green Pea, Mushroom, Parsley, Sage, Spinach, Taro Root[TS4:IL ]

Uncommon Plants §250 Blackberry, Bonsai Buds, Cherry, Lily, Rose, Spinach, Tomato, Trash Fruit, Avocado, Black Beans [TS4:JA ], Christmas Rose [TS4:S ], Snowdrop [TS4:S ], Coconut[TS4:IL ], Pineapple[TS4:IL ], Taro Root[TS4:IL ]

Rare Plants §1000 Angry Magic Bean, Confident Magic Bean, Cow Berry, Dragon Fruit, Death Flower, Flirty Magic Bean, Growfruit, Orchid, Playful Magic Bean, Pomegranate, Sad Magic Bean, Uncomfortable Magic Bean, Bird of Paradise

Starter Growfruit §20 Growfruit

Garlic Seeds §100 Garlic

Wolfsbane Seeds §250 Wolfsbane

Plasma Fruit Seeds §300 Plasma Fruit

Sixam Mosquito Trap Seeds §75 Sixam Trap Mosquito

Catnip Herb Packet §25 Catnip, Madnip, Napnip, Nuzzlenip

Seasonal Summer Plants §100 Basil, Blackberry, Cherry, Lemon, Plantain, Bell Pepper, Green Bean, Begonia, Lily

Seasonal Fall Plants §100 Apple, Lemon, Pear, Onion, Carrot, Green Bean, Grape, Rose, Snapdragon, Begonia, Dahlia

Seasonal Winter Plants §100 Lemon, Pear, Onion, Spinach, Crocus, Holly, Snow Drop, Christmas Rose, Potato

Seasonal Spring Plants §100 Lemon, Strawberry, Carrot, Green Pea, Daisy, Bluebell, Rose, Snapdragon, Crocus, Tulip

Pack of Bizarre Seeds §10 Bizarre Fruit


  • There is an earlier version of the cow berry left in the files called the cow flower.
  • In The Sims 4: Seasons, plants will bloom in spring.
  • Every harvestable has an unused seed version.
    • This can be seen when the player activates bb.showhiddenobjects and places the selected harvestable. The seed will be placed and then convert to its harvestable version almost instantly.


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