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In Wildlife Management Services we often get many calls from people wondering how to get rid of  foxes that are causing problems in their garden. In order to determine the type of fox problem you have will depend on some of these things.

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Is the fox living under your shed? Is the fox living under a deck? Perhaps the fox is only passing through? Does the fox have cubs? Is the fox digging in your garden? Are there places that the fox can easily build a den? What time of year is it?

A fox vixen with one of her cubs in a garden in South Dublin.

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Now in the third week of March we are in peak cub season. Vixens (female foxes) will more than likely have had their cubs, if not they will certainly be born in the next two weeks. Vixens are fantastic mothers and will stay with there cubs until they become a little hardier. The cubs generally wont make an appearance from the safety of the earth until they are four or five weeks. At this time of year you may hear a fox barking/calling which can generally be the female calling from the entrance of her den due to hunger. Generally the female fox will not leave the den and the male fox will provide food and will be extra active.

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So in summary, gardens will be particularly appealing to foxes for dens at this time of year, with dry areas under sheds and under decking providing the ideal den. Foxes can squeeze through surprisingly small and tight areas to access these. In Wildlife Management Services we take animal welfare very seriously and consider all factors before making a decision on the solution to your fox problem. Habitat management and exclusion have a big role to play in solving fox problems in gardens.  So to answer, can we get rid of a fox in your garden, yes. As for fox deterrents, sprays, repellents, electrical gizmos etc. save your money and contact us.