Guide to Kitchen Cabinet: Sizes and Dimensions

Guide to Kitchen Cabinet: Sizes and Dimensions
Base Kitchen Cabinet Wall Kitchen Cabinet Tall Kitchen Cabinet

Height: 34 1/2″

Width: 6-42″


Depth: 24″

Height: 30, 36, 42″

Width: 12-36″

Depth: 12,24″

Height: 84, 90, 96″

Width: 18, 24, 30″

Depth: 24″

Not being a professional like an architect or contractor might make ordering the size of kitchen cabinets seem like rocket science. A few inaccurate numbers can result in the loss of a drawer bank, spice rack, or lazy susan. These cabinets can mean the difference for the overall storage and ease of access throughout the kitchen. When measuring your kitchen, every inch matters. Despite that usage, price, and style are key factors when choosing a kitchen, cabinet size remains king as a priority. It is never a bad idea to have more storage in your kitchen.


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Base cabinets are the cabinets that support most of the weight in the kitchen. They are the foundation for the countertops and common kitchen appliances. These cabinets traditionally will have one drawer on top and shelves underneath or a bank of drawers. Base cabinets pave the path for everything else in the kitchen to be aligned to.

Some might ask why do people start designing with base cabinets in mind first? The three most used kitchen work stations (sink, stove, and refrigerator) dictate where your cabinets can go. After establishing the work triangle, additional cabinets like corner cabinets, tall cabinets, and wall cabinets can be easily added and align accordingly to the sizes set by the base.

Sink base cabinets will feature a false drawer front to allow for the sink to sit inside. These cabinets do not have a shelf inside and the back of the cabinet is left open for plumbing. These cabinets range between 30 and 42 inches wide.

Standard Base Cabinet Sizes

  • Height: Base cabinets measure 34 1/2″ high and 36″ high with countertop. The toe kick measures 4 1/2″ high, the door is 24 ” high, and the top drawer is 6″ high. Base cabinets with a bank of drawers will have the top-drawer measuring 6″ high and the bottom two drawers at 12″ high
  • Width: The width of the base cabinets are available in multiples of 3. The cabinets vary from 6″ to 42″ based on the usage of the cabinet.
  • Depth: The depth of base cabinets without the countertop typically measures 24 inches. Adding the countertop will create an overhang between one to two inches.

Lazy Susan Base Cabinet Sizes

When it comes to cabinets needed to occupy space in the corner, the lazy susan is typically the best option. It is an L-shaped cabinet with one shelf inside. The cabinet features two turntables (one on the shelf and one underneath) to store larger cooking utensils and allow for ease of access.

  • Height: The lazy susan corner measures 34 ½ inches high, similar to other base cabinets. The bifold doors measure 9 inches wide for the 33-inch cabinet and 12 inches wide for the 36-inch cabinet. The doors are full height doors, being 30-inches high.
  • Width: Lazy susan cabinets range between 33 inches or 36 inches wide.
  • Depth: The cabinet measures 24 inches deep.

Blind Corner Base Cabinet Sizes

Certain kitchens cannot afford to have a lazy susan due to their plumbing layout or simply due to space availability. While some people might sacrifice having anything in the corner due to inconvenience, majority of others will not want to waste the space. This cabinet that fits into the area is referred to as blind corner cabinets. As the name implies, half of the cabinet resides hidden from view inside, but still makes usage of the space. Technology has transformed these once difficult to reach cabinets into amazing storage units. The magic corner is a contraption installed into the blind corner cabinet that acts as a pull-out shelf. Unlike traditional pull-outs, magic corners are designed with multiple storage trays that all pull out simultaneously.

  • Height: Like other base cabinets, blind corner base cabinets have a height of 34 ½ inches and a toekick of 4 ½ inches. The door is 15 inches wide and 24 inches high. Unlike the lazy susan, the blind corner has a top drawer measuring 15 inches wide and 6 inches high.
  • Width: The blind corner cabinet measures 36 inches wide. The cabinet needs to be pulled out 6 inches from the wall. This space gives the door clearance without having the handles of multiple doors impact or damage each other.
  • Depth: The cabinet measures 24 inches deep. The hidden storage of the blind corner cabinet is still accessible inside, maintaining the same depth.
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Wall cabinets are mounted to the wall and typically store kitchen supplies like cups and dishes. The height of these cabinets ranges based on your ceiling height and the countertop clearance. This clearance space typically measures 15 to 18 inches to accommodate for traditional kitchen appliances.

Guide to Kitchen Cabinet: Sizes and Dimensions

  • Height: Wall cabinets are available in 30, 36, and 42 inches. 30” tall cabinets align at 84”, 36” tall cabinets align at 90”, and 42” align at 96”. 30 and 36 inch high cabinets will have 2 adjustable shelves while 42” high cabinets will have 3 shelves.
  • Width: Wall cabinets vary in multiples of three from 9 inches all the way to 36 inches. Wall cabinets measuring from 9 to 21 inches have a single door while 24 to 36 inches will feature double doors.
  • Depth: Wall cabinets typically have a depth of 12 inches. The wall cabinet above the refrigerator has a depth of 12 or 24 inches. 24-inch wall cabinets will either need a wall on the side to be mounted to or a refrigerator panel to support its weight.
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Wall Cabinet Height


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12″H Above Range

12″H Above Range

24″H Above Range


18″H Above Range

24″H Above Range

30″H Above Range


Tall kitchen cabinets reach from the floor all the way up to the ceiling. The top of tall kitchen cabinets aligns with the top of the wall cabinets. There are 3 heights for these cabinets: 84 inches, 90 inches, and 96 inches tall.

  • Height: Tall kitchen cabinets are split into two parts. The bottom half measures 54 inches high with a toe kick of 4.5 inches and a door height of 49.5 inches high. The bottom has 2 adjustable shelves inside. The top portion varies between 30, 36, or 42 inches high. 30 and 36 inch high cabinets will have 2 adjustable shelves while 42 inch high cabinets will have 3 shelves.
  • Width: Tall kitchen cabinets are available in 3 sizes: 18, 24, and 30 inches wide.
  • Depth: These tall kitchen cabinet depths all measure 24 inches to match the depth of traditional base cabinets.

Guide to Kitchen Cabinet: Sizes and Dimensions

Rough numbers of the kitchen measurement can help start the kitchen design, but it is wise to have professional help to verify these numbers. Having an extra pair of eyes check your work can save the whole project from a minor mistake. We offer a discount for professionals in the field.

If you still have complications or questions on where to begin, you can fill out our free design help . We offer a free design service, guide on how to measure your kitchen , an itemized list of your kitchen and even a price quote on what to expect for your kitchen.