Hell’s Kitchen: What Happened To Season 3’s Aaron & How He Died

hell’s kitchen season 3 what was wrong with aaron

Aaron Song’s health complications forced him to withdraw from the competition in season 3. Unfortunately, those same complications took his life.

Fox’s cooking competition series, Hell’s Kitchen, is back for season 19. After a two-year-long hiatus, the reality TV drama with the world’s best brutal insults is finally back. Though the time without the show hasn’t been fun, it has lead us all to appreciate the show more dearly. We won’t be taking Gordon Ramsay’s zingers for granted this time, that’s for sure. While Ramsay is certainly the overwhelming draw of this show, the big, bold personalities brought by each of the contestants aren’t to be overlooked. The past eighteen seasons have introduced us to some extremely memorable characters.

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There’s the one and only Diva Chef, Elise Wims who brought her arrogance and cooking talent to us for two wonderfully dramatic seasons. There’s Robyn who went through the kitchen like a Tasmanian devil, whirling into everyone’s path and making dinner service that much harder for the whole team. Jason Underwood hated women and unashamedly (and frequently) lashed out at his fellow female contestants. Then, there was Barbie who appeared on two seasons, had unmistakable talent, but also seemed to lose touch with reality under the stress of Hell’s Kitchen. The list of characters goes on and on. Most of the Hell’s Kitchen alumni have gone on to have successful careers in cooking. Six of the former contestants, however, have actually died. 

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Aaron Song, a contestant from season 3, is one of the six chefs who have passed away since their appearances on the show. Aaron is unlike the other five in that he actually had to leave Hell’s Kitchen due to his health complications. When Aaron joined the season 3 cast back in 2007, he was a retirement home chef, and the oldest chef participating in his season. He had diabetes and his health wasn’t tiptop. The stress of competition didn’t help. He was constantly struggling during service – he overcooked an entire supply of chicken – and was often reduced to tears. However, he was genuinely liked by all, and was reportedly very kind.

Hell's Kitchen: What Happened To Season 3's Aaron & How He Died

On his final morning in the kitchen, Aaron couldn’t move when he woke up. His teammates, Rock (the season 3 winner) and Brad, had to help him get dressed. Their team lost that day’s challenge, and later, during the punishment, Aaron passed out. He was immediately rushed to the hospital. The next day, Aaron received a phone call from Ramsay informing him that due to his poor health he would not be allowed to continue in the competition. 

Just three short years later, Aaron passed away in Rancho Palos Verdes, California from diabetes complications. He was just 51. The other five contestants who have also passed away include Rachel Brown (suicide) and Keith Greene (accidental drowning) from season 2, Louis Petrozza (lung cancer) from season 4, Jessica Vogel (ulcerative colitis) from season 12, and Paul “Paulie” Giganti (drug overdose) from season 16. 

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