How much should you pay to have a bathroom fitted?

How much should you pay to have a bathroom fitted?

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With updated estimated costs for 2021, we’ll show you how much you should reasonably expect to pay to have your bathroom installed.


Choosing the right bathroom suite, along with your shower, taps, furniture and accessories is vital, especially if you’re working to a specific budget. However, you will also need to factor in other costs.

After seeking advice from recommended bathrooms fitters, we discovered how much you should be spending on some of the most common bathroom jobs. As well as bathroom installation costs, they also provided some handy tips on saving money. Read on for more nuggets of wisdom…

Typical bathroom installation costs

Install a pedestal basin with standard taps

  • Price: £320–£350
  • Typical job time: 1–2 hours

Install a standard toilet

  • Price: £320–£350
  • Typical job time: 2–3 hours

Install a standard bath and panels

  • Price: £360–£390
  • Typical job time: 3–5 hours

Tile a bathroom

  • Price: Around £85 per square metre
  • Typical job time: 1–5 days depending on coverage required

Install underfloor heating

  • Price: £260–£290 for an average bathroom
  • Typical job time: 5 hours–2 days depending on coverage required

How much should you pay to have a bathroom fitted?

Install an extractor fan

  • Price: £290–£320
  • Typical job time: 2–4 hours

Install a shower enclosure and shower tray

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  • Price: £500–£530
  • Typical job time: 3–5 hours

Install a standard mixer shower

  • Price: £315–£415
  • Typical job time: Around 8 hours (new) or around 2 hours (like-for-like replacement)

Install an electric shower

  • Price: £500–£530
  • Typical job time: Around 8 hours (new) or around 2 hours (like-for-like replacement)

How much should you pay to have a bathroom fitted?

Install a wet room kit (tray, tanking and 5 sq m replacement sub floor)

  • Price: £1,600–£1,700
  • Typical job time: 3–5 days

Install a whirlpool bath

  • Price: £690–£720
  • Typical job time: 1 day

Install a bathroom cabinet

  • Price: £70–£90 per cabinet
  • Typical job time: 1–3 hours

Install a heated towel rail or radiator

  • Price: £330–£360
  • Typical job time: 2–4 hours
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How much should you pay to have a bathroom fitted?


  • Price: £60–£70 per square metre
  • Typical job time: 6 hours–3 days depending on coverage required

Installing a waterproof TV

  • Price: £380–£410
  • Typical job time: 2–4 hours

Installing a ceiling light

  • Price: £130–£180
  • Typical job time: 1–3 hours

The costs and job times stated should only be used as a rough guide. They can vary for several reasons (see below).

How much is a bathroom suite?

At Victoria Plum, we know how much you care about the cost of your bathroom, and the best way to keep those costs down is by buying quality bathroom products at a price that’s right. So, why not browse our luxury freestanding baths, stylish basins and contemporary toilets, all at easily affordable prices?

For starters, we offer full bathroom suites (including a toilet, basin and bath) starting from as little as £245*, helping you to renovate your bathroom on a budget.

The stylish Eden bathroom suite is a popular choice for our customers

Bathroom installation costs vary

While you can get a good evaluation of estimated costs when planning work on your bathroom, the end figure can vary. Our recommended installers quoted a range of £160 to £210 for small jobs like fitting a pedestal basin with taps, while larger tasks such as tiling a bathroom came in with an average fee of around £85 per square metre.

Overall, the average cost of installing a new bathroom in the UK is £6,500. However, if you’re simply swapping a like-for-like suite, without additional tiling or flooring, you may be able to achieve this for considerably less.

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The reason why costs vary is that each job will need to be priced in relation to its individual circumstances. The size and shape of your bathroom will affect how easy a job is to complete, how long it will take and how much materials will be used. If there are unseen complications, such as damaged piping, then this will raise the cost of the quote. Costs can also increase where existing fixtures need to be removed.

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Bathroom installation costs can vary by location

Another reason why bathroom installation costs can vary is due to the location or region in which you live. For example, in a large urban area, where there are many tradespeople competing against each other, you may be able to find a plumber who will complete your jobs at a slightly lower cost than those we’ve estimated. However, for those living in London, where weekly earnings are £152 higher than the UK average, you can typically add an extra 10%–20% to our estimated bathroom installation costs. You may also expect to pay a little more if you live in a remote location, like a village or an island.

Bathroom installers near me

Hiring bathroom installers who lives local to you is always important. After all, you wouldn’t want a tradesperson travelling several hours to your home and feeling tired upon arrival. That’s why, with our Design and Installation service, we only use local bathroom fitters who are accredited by the British Institute of Kitchen, Bedroom & Bathroom Installation (BiKBBi). So, whether you live in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Glasgow, Bristol or anywhere else in the UK, you can enjoy the services of a local bathroom installer.

What about waste?

No job in the bathroom is mess-free and this throws up the question of waste disposal. Traders will dispose of materials for you but they have to pay business rates to do so. This means that if you’re only generating a small amount of waste then it could prove costly.

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The top tip here is to investigate whether you could dispose of any waste materials yourself for less money (e.g. by hiring a skip, using a waste bag or taking some of the waste to a local tip). If this is the case then why not suggest it to your workers?

Finish comes first

Last, but by no means least, the underlying message from Which? Local’s survey of bathroom installers found that quality is always the priority with any job. Just like at Victoria Plum, where we only stock high quality products made from the best materials, reputable installers will put the finish of the job at hand above everything else.

The Clarity straight bath suite is available from as little as £245*

It may cost you a little more to get a professional finish but surely this is something worth paying for? After all, a bathroom which has been installed correctly and looks great is more likely to last than one which has a “cheap and cheerful” attitude.

For a real-life case study, check out our blog post “Bathrooms on a budget” and find out how we managed to makeover a whole family bathroom for under £600!

*Prices correct as of 16/08/2021. Prices may fluctuate.

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