How to Bleach Your Buttcrack With a DIY anal Bleaching Kit

Learning how to bleach your buttcrack is a process that can be done at home with the use of simple ingredients. This project involves the use of an anal bleaching kit as well as some items you probably already have in your home. The main items you will need are hydrogen peroxide, a cotton ball, and a toilet brush. You can purchase this type of kit at your local drug store or online at Amazon for less than twenty dollars.

Using the hydrogen peroxide is how to bleach your buttcrack because it works as an active ingredient in anal bleaching kits. The peroxide helps restore the luster to the skin and help it to look its best. This process is called exfoliation.

After applying the hydrogen peroxide, make sure you allow it to dry for at least ten minutes before cleaning it off. Do not scrub it because that can cause irritation to your skin and possibly make matters worse. You will also want to gently massage the area after you apply the treatment. This helps to draw out the excess peroxide from your skin. However, do not use too much pressure or you will risk irritating your skin.

how to bleach your buttcrack diy

After the anal bleaching kit has dried off, you will need to use the cotton ball to clean up the peroxide. Make sure you rinse it off thoroughly so that you do not leave any of the peroxide on your body. Then you will need to wash up your anal bleaching kit. Before using it again, you will want to make sure all the peroxide is removed. You can use toilet paper after anal bleaching to ensure you get even coverage.

Your next step in the process is going to be to apply moisturizer. This is an important step because it will help the product stays on all day. The best type of moisturizer to use is petroleum jelly. It will prevent the cream from thinning out while you are wearing it. You may choose to use Vaseline instead. Just be sure it is 100% mineral oil free so your skin does not end up looking puffy.

The last step in your how to bleach your buttcrack DIY anal bleaching adventure is to apply an anal douche. You will want to use the same type of moisturizer you used during the process. You will also want to lightly spray some anti-percussive agents around the anus. You may even want to cover the entire thing with a plastic bag. This is done so that no one else knows you are doing anal bleaching at home. You may even want to put on some earplugs to keep your kids from distracting you while you do this.

Once you have done all of this, you are going to want to wash your buttcrack with water. This is to get rid of any residue that is left. Then, you are going to wrap it in a clean plastic bag. You may even want to use a brown paper towel to cover the area too. This is so the smell will not spread around your house.

The last step in your how to bleach your buttcrack DIY anal bleaching experience is to allow it to dry. You can do this by putting a loose towel over the area and letting it sit overnight. You will be able to wash it in the morning with just a few steps. Then, you will be ready to wear your new anal bleaching clothes the next day. You will not even be able to tell you did it yourself!