How to Build Outdoor Wood Steps

Excavate Area

Remove any large rocks or the current steps using a shovel and sledgehammer as needed. Make sure to wear eye protection.

Grade Area

Flatten out the area where each step will be located using a shovel, and tamp down with a hand tamper to level it out. As you do this, keep in mind each step will be around 4-6 inches high or the width of your post at minimum.


Cut Posts

Measure, mark and cut each post into three pieces: one at 30″ and two at 19″ for each step. 

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Assemble Frames

Pre-drill holes where the spikes will go using a 3/8″ bit. Hammer in spikes to attach three posts together, creating the step’s frame. Repeat process as needed to build more steps. 

Position Bottom Step

Starting with the bottom step, place it in the desired position and level it up with dirt or stones. Check with a level.

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Secure Frame

Pre-drill 1/2″ pilot holes, then hammer in a 24″ rebar on either side. This will help keep the steps in place over time.

Secure Next Step

Place and level the next step’s frame on top of the bottom step. Hammer in galvanized spikes through the top of the frame and into the step below. Repeat this process until each step is installed and securely fastened to the step below.

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Lay Weed Block

Trim weed block material with scissors or a utility knife to fit within each frame, and lay inside.

Fill With Gravel

Add pea gravel on top of the weed block material, and level out by hand.