How to garden in the Sims 4 | Gamepur

How to garden in the Sims 4 | Gamepur

How to garden in the Sims 4 | Gamepur

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Gardening is a fantastic pastime in any capacity, and it’s equally fun in the Sims 4. You can grow a variety of different plants in the game. You can choose to have your Sims focus on it as a full-time gig by producing the largest, most beautiful plants and vegetables, selling them to other people, or treat it like a passing hobby that they occasionally do after a full day of work. The choice is yours, and it starts with taking your first steps with the skill.

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You want first to purchase your Sims, a starter pack of seeds. You can obtain them from any computer at your home, a public computer, or by grabbing them through gardening pots, you can purchase first and then right-click those boxes to buy the seeds. When you have the item in your Sims’ inventory, take them outside or to the gardening pot you want to plant it in. Click and drag the seeds to the location you want to plant them, choose the “plant” option, and then watch as your Sim performs the necessary animation to plant the flora.

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The important now is to remember to take care of that plant every day. The first steps have been finished, but now you need to have your Sim return to the planted flower or vegetable and make sure it’s well taken care of throughout the rest of its lifetime. You need to water and weed it every day, which is done by a quick series of clicks and interacting with the item.

For those who have the Seasons expansion pack, if you hover over the respective plant, you can view its quality. The higher the quality of the plant, the healthier and better it is, and you can even tell if the plant or vegetable is in season or not. The plant’s quality is broken up into five different sections when the plant’s quality reaches that section you can choose to interact with your plant and evolve it. Evolving it increases the quality of the plant, giving you better things to sell on the market when you’re ready.

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As you level up in gardening and become better at it, your Sim will have the capacity to slice off small parts of their growing plants to graft them. If you graft a plant into another, you give your Sim the potential to plant and grow new plants they previously were unable to and further their gardening skill and range of potential plants. You can do the same with the new plants your Sim grows, advancing the process and expanding their green thumb.

Gardening takes quite a bit of time in The Sims 4. Make sure you spend time watching all of your plants every day and feel free to venture into methods of finding out the best way to optimize your Sim’s time with them, such as selling the best plants to the market for a high profit, or by merely watering and weeding a few at their house so they can relax after a long day at work.

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