How to Get Rid of Leaves That Are Around Decorative Rocks

It’s fall, the leaves are coming down and the lawn and other landscaping are covered with them. When it’s time to go to work to get a handle on the leaves piling up around your home, clearing areas such as the lawn is fairly straightforward. Decorative rocks, however, present a challenge for leaf removal, especially when the rocks are small river pebbles. Fortunately, several options are available to get rid of leaves around various sizes of decorative rocks.

Blow the leaves from around large decorative rocks by using a leaf blower. The rocks need to be large enough not to be disturbed and moved by the air from the leaf blower. Reduce the machine’s throttle speed to decrease its air flow rate if necessary. Blow the leaves into a pile, and place them in garbage bags for removal.


Remove leaves from around heavy decorative rocks by using a leaf vacuum. Guide the end of the vacuum’s nozzle around and over the rocks to collect leaves in the bag attached to the vacuum. Empty the bag’s leaves into garbage bags for disposal.

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Put on gloves, and rake leaves from around small decorative rocks. Remove leaves from around and between the rocks by hand if necessary. Place the collected leaves in garbage bags for disposal.

Cut tree limbs that hang over a landscape area with decorative rocks. Use a saw or pruners for the task. Remove enough of each limb to eliminate leaves falling on and around the decorative rocks.



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  • Place bags of gathered leaves on the curb for pickup if that service is available in your location, or take the bagged leaves to a landfill or recycling center.


  • Wear safety glasses when working with a leaf blower or leaf vacuum as well as when cutting limbs with a saw or pruners.

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