How to Get Rid of Red Back Spiders? Check These 7 Steps!

It might be an Australian icon, but if you have redback spiders in and around your home they are certainly an unwanted guest! So, how do you get rid of redback spiders? We’ll answer that question as well as how to identify and find them.

But first, have you ever been around someone who has just been bitten by a redback spider? If so, you’ll know very well: there’s a lot of screaming. Seriously, though, a redback spider bite is no joke and extremely painful, and can even be life-threatening to children, pregnant women and pets. So before we discuss how to get rid of red back spiders at your place, let’s assume you’ve just been bitten yourself and get into some immediate urgent advice:


  1. Don’t panic
  2. Take a photo of the spider if possible
  3. Apply an ice-pack
  4. Do NOT apply pressure or a bandage
  5. Seek medical assistance.

Phew! You’re going to be ok! At Mr Flikem, red back spider pest control is something we take extremely seriously because redbacks not only have a venomous and extremely painful bite, there are almost certainly plenty of them hiding around your property.

Red back spider identification

The redback gets its name from the prominent red stripe on the back of the larger, jet-black females, which are usually about 1cm in length. The males are lighter brown with white markings, and juvenile females look similar.

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They are generally found:

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  • In or near their distinctive messy webs
  • In dry, dark, sheltered places
  • Around buildings, under houses, in roofs, in sheds and garages.
  • In mailboxes, shoes, kid’s sandpits, bikes, helmets, gloves and toys.

In short … they’re potentially anywhere and everywhere! “Yes, yes, yes,” we hear you say. “We know all of that already”. The most important question you want to be answered is actually much simpler: “How to get rid of red back spiders?”

Now, the tough guy might tell you that the only way to get rid of a red back spider is to take off your thong and whack it a few dozen times. But PLEASE ensure that when you go about taking on this notorious Aussie pest, you actually wear fully-enclosed shoes, ample clothing, and gloves.

And once you’ve squished or sprayed a few of these suckers, let’s step up our efforts to make sure they’re gone for good:

7 Steps to get rid of red back spiders

1. Clean your outdoor furniture

Believe it or not, one of the most common places to be bitten is on your butt – because one of the most common human encounters with redbacks is around your outdoor furniture. So keep it clean.

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2. Remove the webs

Making sure that your eight-legged foe is not already there, the easiest way to get rid of a redback spider web is to push a stick into the middle and then twist the web all around it.

3. Remove the egg sacs

In short, treat the egg sacs like you treat the redback spider – and carefully squish them with a shoe or a rolled-up newspaper.

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4. Check your shoes, gloves and toys

After your butt, another very commonplace to be bitten is on your foot. Why? Because you’ve decided to put on that pair of shoes you haven’t worn for 3 months and (sigh) you didn’t check for a redback. To avoid this extremely painful mistake, always check items like shoes, gloves and toys before using them, and to be extra safe never store them outside.

5. Remove unwanted storage

Ok, so you’ve put those things in storage for a reason, but just be aware that redback spiders just love hiding in dry, dark, safe places that aren’t used much by people. The same goes for that outdoor junk like old tyres and woodpiles.

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6. Tidy your garden

Is your garden or back yard full of discarded leaves, sticks and branches? Put on a pair of gloves and clear them away. Ah and kids toys left in the garden make ideal homes for all kinds of spiders!

7. Consider spider pest control

As we always say here at Mr Flikem, the very best way not just to end your pest infestation but to prevent them from happening in the first place is to consider regular pest control inspections. Only the true professionals have the skills, experience and specialised equipment and products to look after all your pest control needs, and Mr Flikem’s Sydney pest control experts are even available 24 hours a day!

So as the weather gets warmer and the redback spider numbers rise in Sydney and beyond, there’s one name you can trust to keep your family safe from these eight-legged nasty pasties – Mr Flikem! Call today for an inspection on +61404532026. [external_footer]