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arfy Mon 01-May-06 16:19:57


Have been wondering why my 3 cats aren’t out enjoying the sun much, and why one has taken to pooing in the bathroom overnight (grrr)

Then we spied a neighbouring tom cat spraying the fence and ground right outside our cat flap several times – looks as though the pooing cat is now frightened to go out much.

How do I get rid of this blinking tom cat? Any ideas – will citrus work. Needs to be something that then doesn’t stop my cats going out. And WHY don’t people neuter their cats FGS, it is infuriating.

Also, it has become obvious that we are going to have to rehome our cats when we move to NZ in September How to get rid of tom cat who is hassling my cats..... (we’ve decided the trip just isn’t fair on them) – how on earth am I going to find a home for a cat who craps in the bathroom?

fullmoonfish Mon 01-May-06 16:51:57

Keep a couple of loaded water pistols to hand and squirt this tom (up the jacksy is fun) every time you see him. He will hopefully get the message.

Not sure whether vitrus works or not, but another tip I read is to spray aftershave round the catflap (outside) to mark the territory of your biggest and most dominant inhabitant (ie you or your partner)

No idea whether this works, sorry, but was suggested to me by a barkingly cat-mad friend of mine when I had similar prob. I found water worked best and was greatly satisfying too How to get rid of tom cat who is hassling my cats.....

Miaou Mon 01-May-06 17:07:48

oh ditto fmf – we keep a loaded supersoaker by the back door and have been known to blast at the offenders through the cat flap … hehehe very satisfying!

arfy Mon 01-May-06 17:26:21

ooh interesting about the aftershave – not sure anyone here believes that DH is the biggest and most dominant person round here but never mind. I have never heard that before! but possibly worth a try

noticed some water pistols in the supermarket yesterday, may go back and get one and then hang out by the cat flap. what fun!

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arfy Mon 01-May-06 17:26:41

oh and where’s me manners? Thanks!

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1Baby1Bump Mon 01-May-06 18:12:49

i dont think there is anything you can do about it.

How to get rid of tom cat who is hassling my cats.....

Surfermum Mon 01-May-06 18:40:10

I looked into this as we had a problem with cats pooing in our garden. Apparently what you need to do is get some poo from a cat that’s bigger than the one doing the poo, such as a lion. Sorry that’s probably no help unless you’re on the doorstep of Longleat.

arfy Mon 01-May-06 18:42:18

ah yes, zoo poo

Thanks guys. Think I’m going to have to watch out for the bugger and then chuck some water over him. I feel really sorry for my cats, especially now I’ve got to look for new homes for them How to get rid of tom cat who is hassling my cats...... but also do not want cat crap in the bathroom and zoo poo outside the backdoor as the flat is going on the market in a couple of weeks!

twocatsonthebed Tue 02-May-06 19:03:43

two things that might also help…I had a similar problem a while back.

One is to really clean around the cat flap, as toms come back to spray where they have sprayed before. To get it really clean, you need to use biological washing powder, then wipe it down with surgical spirit, to get rid of any smells. This does work in the long run, but you might have to do it a few times.

The other is to get some Feliway from the vets (spray or a plug in airfreshner kind of thing) for your poor bullied cat – it’s a kind of cat pheremone which will calm them down and make them feel better (and hopefully stop them crapping in the bath!). Also, do they have a litter tray indoors – might be worth it for the short term.


BadHair Tue 02-May-06 19:10:07

My cat is most definitely neutered and he sprays like a fire engine. It’s not always un-neutered cats that do it. Still annoying though.

tuppenceworth Tue 02-May-06 19:14:29

My sister has a tomcat that is coming into her house, spraying, getting the kittens pregnant (they’re too young to be neutured!) and then buggering off again!! (typical male?!)

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A few weeks ago she caught him, put him in the cat basket and drove him 10 miles away. The cat was back two days after. She caught him again, drove him 20 miles away to the other side of Sheffield and the cooking fat (!!) still came back! It’s going to Aberdeen next time!

BettySpaghetti Tue 02-May-06 19:18:13

tuppenceworth -surely it’ll work out cheaper to take him to the vets to get his nads chopped off How to get rid of tom cat who is hassling my cats.....

Milliways Tue 02-May-06 19:18:31

My German SHepherd Dog happily clears the way of unwanted cats for our cat How to get rid of tom cat who is hassling my cats.....

I’m sure our cat lures them into our garden just to watch the fun!

arfy Tue 02-May-06 22:43:58

blimey tuppenceworth – what a nightmare!

Thanks everyone, and especially 2catsonthebed.

I was hoping to get away with no litter tray as only one out of the the 3 is pooing indoors (and weeing in the bath – nice!) but think you right, might have to do it. Never heard of Feliway, will investigate – thanks for the tip

I didn’t realise neutered cats spray too – but this bugger is definitely a tom. grr

Mimmie123 Thu 23-Mar-17 20:35:11

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TheSpottedZebra Thu 23-Mar-17 20:37:23

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ElloDAAAVE Wed 26-Apr-17 11:02:13

I feel your pain.

All my cats are done, but other people around here refuse to spay their females, and the result is feral rapey tomcats yowling under our window all night, spraying all over our front step, and not being able to open our windows in summer or we get invaded and sprayed.

Getting a few dogs certainly helped…nasty toms won’t set foot in our back garden now…but the front garden is a different matter.

Which is why I’m often seen haring down the garden path, barefoot, hair flying, broomstick in one hand and squirty water bottle in the other, yelling “FUCK OFF YOU RAPEY PISSYCATS, I MIGHT BE ALMOST VEGAN BUT I’LL HAVE YOUR PISSYBALLS AS EARRINGS YOU LITTLE WANKER”

Related. All the neighbours think I’m mad.

Squirty water bottle works though.

For a while.

Artyfartygaga Sat 03-Jun-17 18:55:48

I feel your pain. Since my , really very lovely neighbor moved in next door (genuinely- not sarcasm), about a year ago with her bully -self admitted- cat, who is neutered, my two cats have changed their behaviour big time. One, I’m not so worried about, he seems to try to stand his ground but the other ( they’re brothers) is very obviously not handling the situation at all. Next door’s cat is spraying by the front door, shitting in the front garden and getting in the back and middle garden a lot. My son has seen him in our house. There is a smell of cat pee in the house all the time, although I’m constantly washing the carpets and furniture. We live in a row of tiny cottages. My poor boy that can’t cope has taken to crapping in the living room and by the outside doors- I believe this is called middening; a visual sign to mark their territory. To add to the problem, this poor, sweet boy is epilectic, on a fairly large scale- can fit even in his sleep- and he’s obviously really unhappy. I just don’t know what to do. Can’t keep them in as it would be unfair on his brother. It would be difficult to speak to my neighbour as I don’t see what she could possibly do about it. As it is I think she only lets him out when she’s home. So awkward. What can I do? Any positive advice please? I love my cats.

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Artyfartygaga Sat 03-Jun-17 19:43:46

Epileptic. Has fits on an irregular basis. Can be 3 times a day or nothing ( that we’ve witnessed) for 3/4 weeks. Otherwise healthy and very lovely and calm and loving.

MandaBee66 Tue 27-Jun-17 07:37:59

I hope that’s a joke because it’s a disgusting thing to do!

MandaBee66 Tue 27-Jun-17 07:40:10

This is what a boy cat did to my poor girl cat! He came in the house to find her. If I find out who owns him they are getting a vets bill!

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