How To Get Rid Of White Ants | DIY White Ants Treatment & Control

How To Get Rid Of White Ants | DIY White Ants Treatment & Control

You CAN do it…

You can get rid of the Australian white ants that eat Aussie homes… by using Aussie products, readily available.


And… you CAN do it yourself, and you WILL save thousands of dollars!

How To Kill White Ants

Is a two-part job

First, you need to kill the colony of white ants you have found, using a proven colony killer termite bait.

Second, you need to defend your home from other colonies, on and into the future using termite monitors to intercept scouts looking for new sources of timber (such as your house) then adding a bait to any monitor they discover… which kills the colony they’ve come from

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Here are the simple details

written by the bloke who wrote the text books studied by those who once knew not much about white ants… but who became professional pest technicians.Ion Staunton

This is what you use…

Termite monitors (TermiTraps), a patented Australian invention designed to entice scouting termites and to make it simple for homeowners with little termite know-how to place and check them… and to easily add the bait.

Colony Killer Termite Bait, registered and approved by the APVMA in Canberra for anyone to use… because it works and it doesn’t hurt us mammals or birds. Fix one over a hole you’ll make into infested timber and the termites do the rest.

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1st – Killing the White Ants You’ve Found

Killing a few thousand white ants with a spray doesn’t do it.

The focus is on the white ants colony. An established queen is probably laying a thousand eggs or more a day. Also, understand that the nest or colony of the main white ants that attack Aussie houses is NOT inside the house but almost always somewhere outside.

The best professionals use a bait… because baiting is the most reliable method. The white ant workers take it back to the nest… wherever it is. They are the only ones who know the way. You don’t need to know where it is. You buy and use the same formula bait and you get the same result… a dead colony!

It’s a very simple job. white ants always follow their instincts; they protect themselves inside timber or inside their tunnels by a mixture of soil and saliva. This keeps precious humidity in and keeps ants out. Depending on how badly you damaged the timber when you found them, they will either repair it, or if badly damaged, they will seal off the damaged area back closer to the nest. This means you will need to find them inside an adjoining section of timber closer to the ground or even in an adjoining room.

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Make a small hole about the diameter of a pencil in such a hollowed-out timber and you will see white ants begin to repair the hole you just made. Simply re-open and fix a bag of Colony Killer Termite Bait over the hole so they can easily get inside the bag (which also keeps in humidity and keeps out ants). That’s when their next instinct kicks in: the workers have to feed all the others. They can’t help themselves; it’s their job! So, instead of chewing off solid timber, they opt for the softer, moister bait and take it back to feed the royals and all other nestmates. Your job is to put the bag of bait where they can get into it… it’s not hard!

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Other than you might have to add a replacement bag if they clean it out, your job is done! Just keep up the food supply ( Colony Killer Termite Bait ) until they stop. And the reason they stop? It’s because the colony they came from is dead, kaput, finished, no more.

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2nd – Defending Your Home

Most of mainland Australia is threatened by wood-eating white ants. There are colonising flights in early summer, every year. Those flying ‘ants’ that drop their wings have come from a nearby established nest, meaning local conditions are suitable to set up new nests.

Once paired up, the colonising couple require three things:

– Food (meaning timber)

– Moisture (they can’t survive without it)

– Shelter (they are vulnerable to ants, lizards, birds, etc.)

They won’t set up inside your home because although there may be timber and somewhere to hide, there is no constant supply of moisture right at the spot they are hiding in a timber crevice. They can only get all three necessities outside… and even out there, 99% of couples fail.

It’s the colonies already established and those that possibly might set up in the years ahead that the Termite monitor is designed to trick.

Your simple job is to place lots of them outside around your home, check them about every three months and add Colony Killer Termite Bait to any that have been attacked. Then you clean it out, add new timbers… and that ‘sentry’ is back on duty (for at least 10 years)

Complete Termite System


How To Get Rid Of White Ants | DIY White Ants Treatment & Control