How to Grow and Harvest Strawberries | The Definitive Guide

Do you want to grow your strawberries at home? Are you looking for helpful suggestions to grow strawberries? Then you have landed at the right place for information.

Strawberries are loved by everyone. Whether you eat it as a fruit or use it as a flavour, it tastes great. From kids to adults, everyone has a soft spot for strawberries. This is one of the juiciest fruits you will get in the summers.

If you are a sucker for strawberries, you can grow your supply at home. Growing strawberries is relatively easier than other fruits. If you are wondering how to grow strawberries then let us help you. We have laid down a few guidelines that can help you grow juicy strawberries at home.

How to grow strawberries?

The first step to grow strawberries is to puck a starting point. In this case, you have two choices. You can either grow it from a plant or seeds.

Most people find it difficult to grow strawberries from seeds. Having an existing strawberry plant makes the task much easier. In this guide, we will talk about growing strawberries from plants.

Growing strawberries from an existing plant

When you grow strawberries from a strawberry plant, it reduces your effort and the time consumed. The successful fruit production is based on several factors. Here are the things you need to take care of.

Picking the right variety of strawberry

There are three main varieties of strawberries to choose from. This includes June bearing, day-neutral, and ever-bearing.

Choose your favourite strawberry types

June bearing produces the largest fruit but it gives only a larger crop over a week or two. On the other hand day, neutral and ever-bearing varieties produce smaller and lesser berries. Day neutrals can produce for the entire growing season whereas ever-bearing produces a large early crop.

Finding the perfect plant site

Finding the perfect place to grow your strawberries can be a difficult task. You need to consider the following factors when deciding on the plant site:

  • A lot of sunlight is needed.
  • It should be away from other big trees.
  • Sandy loam with high contents of organic matter is needed.
  • The site should have good surface drainage and soil drainage.
  • The site should be preferably close to a water body.

You need to consider all the above-mentioned factors while choosing the place to grow your strawberries.

Selecting the planting system

There is more than one planting system used for harvesting strawberries. Each variety has a different planting system need.

  • June bearing is mostly grown using the matted row system.
  • Ever-bearing strawberries are grown in a hill system.
  • Day-neutral variety is also grown in a hill system.

Other planting systems include spaced row systems, single and double hedgerow systems.

Preparing your planting site

Before you start planting strawberry trees you need to first prepare the site properly. In case, the site is sod-covered, it’s better you till the soil a year before planting. You should also consider growing a green manure crop the year before you want to start planting strawberries.


You also need to make sure that the site is free of grubs, weeds and any soil-borne diseases. Also, add more organic matter to the soil. The soil should be slightly acidic for the plants to grow.

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Planting the plants correctly

You need to pay proper attention when planting your strawberry trees. This is important so that you can get the best results.

You need to dig a hole big enough for the roots to spread. You need to create a mound of soil at the bottom of the hole and then put the plant on top of it. Once done you can fill in the hole.

Creating a favourable environment for the plants to grow

Now that you have planted the trees, you need to provide it with a conducive environment to grow. Mulching is a great option to make your strawberry plants happy. You can mulch the surrounding with shredded leaves, compost, pine needles or straw.

Caring for the plants

To get a good production of fruits you need to take good care of your plants. From watering them regularly to providing fertiliser, you need to do it all to keep them in fine condition. You should add organic matter from time to time to help the plants grow better. You need to make sure that your plants are not getting affected by any kind of pests.

Harvesting the berries

After a few years of growing and caring for your strawberry plants, they will be ready for harvest. This is the time when you will get back what you have put in for the past couple of years.

Time to harvest your strawberries

Most varieties of strawberries are left on the plant for two to three days after they have gained full colour. You can eat them later as you want.

Now that you know how and when to plant strawberries, it should be easier for you to begin with it. With these guidelines, you are all set to grow your strawberry supply.

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Which way is considered to be the best to grow strawberries?

Hill’s system of planting is considered to be the best way of growing strawberries. That’s because it gives you good production.

How hard is it to grow strawberries?

Growing strawberries is not as hard as you think. If you know the right way of doing it then you will find it easy.

How to take care of your strawberry plants?

You need to give your strawberry plants enough sunlight, water and organic matter to grow.

When should you plant strawberry trees?

The best time to plant strawberry trees is during March or April. You need to make sure that your soil is well-established.

So now you know how to grow strawberries. With this knowledge, you can grow strawberry trees at home and enjoy them once they are ready. Follow the steps mentioned and you can get a good production.

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