How to Make a Hanging Garden

How to Make a Hanging Garden

Grow fresh fruits and veggies at home even if you don’t have a yard for planting. Hang this adorable bucket by your front door, on your balcony or even in the kitchen for fresh produce practically on demand.

Difficulty: Easy

Cost: Approximately $50


Start by cutting a hole in the bottom of a bucket. We used a jigsaw with a blade specifically designed for cutting metal, but you can also complete this task using wire cutters. Whichever tool you use, start by creating a hole with a hammer and nail about 1-1/2″ – 2″ from the edge of the bucket and then use it as a starting point to make your cut.

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Trace a circle on the wire mesh the same size as the bucket’s circumference. Use the wire cutters to cut it to size. Then cut circles where you plan to plant the strawberries so that you can slide the plants into the mesh. Make sure to remove any sharp parts from the mesh that could damage the plants.

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Cut a very large circle from the mesh and slits to fit around plants. Add a slit to the edge of the fabric as well.

Slide the plants into place in the mesh and position the fabric on top.

Hang the bucket and place the plants, wire and fabric inside, (plants facing down). Carefully push the mesh into the bottom of the bucket. Fill with potting soil. We chose to add more plants to the top as well.

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Use the rope and chalkboard paint to decorate the bucket if you like.

Hang the bucket in a place where it can get full sun. Water frequently and enjoy.