How To Paint Your Own Garden Figurines and Décor – Easy Backyard Gardening

Painting Garden Figurines and Outdoor Décor

Painting your garden figurines can add a unique and personal touch to your yard, patio and flower beds.  Over 20 years ago, I started painting a verdigris finish on the concrete figurines in my own private sanctuary, otherwise known as my backyard.

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After I painted my own backyard décor, I started decorating these little works of art for my friends and family.  I have been asked many times to paint concrete stones or concrete figures for gifts or to sell my painted statues.

Instead of selling my own, I started teaching others how to paint their own beautiful décor.  I do have a friend who did in fact start selling her finished work, after I taught her my fast and easy method for turning plain concrete décor into little works of art for the garden.

Concrete Garden Figurines

Put color and life into your garden.  Painting these garden figurines yourself adds a personal touch to your garden.

Supplies Needed to Paint Garden Figurines

Supply List for My Verdigris Paint Technique

  • Concrete Figurine
  • Jet Black Paint ~ See Photo Below
  • Green Paint ~ See Photo Below
  • Paint Brush ~ Inexpensive Art Brush
  • Can Opener for Paint Can
  • Stir Stick for Paint
  • Cardboard, paper plate or heavy paper
  • Drop Cloth

Snapshots of the Actual Paint Mix I Use

Both Are Behr Exterior Flat Paint

Only 2 Paint Colors are Needed

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How to Paint Your Own Garden Figurines

Select Your Favorite Garden Figurine to Paint

First you would need to thoroughly clean your garden figurine before painting it. Use water and a brush, then let it dry. Soap may be required if there is a heavy dirt or debris buildup.

Gather your supplies, spread a drop cloth and you’re ready to paint your garden figurines.

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Paint the entire figurine black.

Start at the bottom and work your way up. That will allow you to hold the figurine by the top and tilt the piece to thoroughly paint the bottom edges. I do not paint the actual bottom of any of my pieces.

Allow the black paint to dry.

Dry Brush Paint the Garden Figurine

How to Dry Brush Paint a Garden Figurine

Dry Brush Painting is Really Very Easy

Dab the paint brush in the green paint. Dry brush painting does not require very much paint.

Brush the paint back and forth across your piece of cardboard until there is very little paint coming off the brush.

Lightly brush the paint across the surface of your figurine.

Dry Brush Painting Will Bring Out the Detail of a Figurine

Verdigris Paint Stepping Stones for Your Garden

For really unique stepping stones, you can use the same technique to verdigris paint concrete stepping stones too.

When Painting a Garden Stepping Stone – Paint Sides First, Then Paint the Top of the Stepping Stone

Finished Painted Concrete Garden Stepping Stone

Pick Out Your Garden Figurines

and Liven Up Your Garden!

My Garden Would Not Be Complete Without My Baby Hedgehog!

Oh, And My Baby Rabbit! – Little Baby Rabbit Needed a Repair.

Allow Me to Show You the Steps for Restoring Your Painted Garden Figurines

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If You See a Figurine That You Love, but It is Already Painted, No problem!

Simply paint it black and verdigris away!

This Squirrel Figurine Was Brown When I Purchased Him. I Wanted Him to Match My Other Garden Figurines, So I Simply Painted Him.

Give New Life to A Used or Old, Worn Piece

Painted Concrete Birdbath – My Guest at Dusk

Painted Concrete Planters – Even My Flowers Enjoy a Special Painted Concrete Planter

Here Are A Few Garden Figurines That I Have Not Painted

But, I Think They Would Be Fun to Paint and Awesome in the Garden!

  LARK BIRD CONCRETE ORNAMENT 4 Check Price   Cast Stone Henry Hedgehog – Collectible Animal Concrete Indoor / Outdoor Garden Sculpture Check Price   LAYING BUNNY CONCRETE STATUE 5.5 Check Price   Standing Garden Friends Gordy Groundhog Check Price   CROCODILE CONCRETE STATUE 4 Check Price


Cathy Auger Macedo (see guest’s comments below) opted to dry brush black over a base coat of blue. She shared a photo of her lovely birdbath and gave me permission to share it with you too.

Thank you Cathy!

How To Paint Your Own Garden Figurines and Décor - Easy Backyard Gardening

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