How to Remove Concrete Landscape Curbing |

Concrete landscape curbing not only offers a split between the landscape and a solid surface but also looks good. Concrete landscape curbing can quickly outgrow its usefulness when it becomes damaged or when your tastes change. Concrete landscape curbing can be damaged easily by wheelbarrows and other things. You may want to remove the concrete landscape curbing and the article that follows will show you how.

Step 1 – Protect Yourself

Removing concrete landscape curbing may seem like an easy job that has little danger associated with it, but there are some issues that could arise. When removing the concrete landscape curbing you can easily hurt your hands which means you should always wear thick work gloves. Removing the curbing will also involve needing to chisel away the concrete. This means it is possible to have concrete enter your eyes. Always wear a facemask when removing the concrete landscape curbing.


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Step 2 – Excavate the Area

When the concrete landscape curbing is installed there are two ways in which it can happen. The first involves digging a small trench and inserting the concrete curbing inside. The trench area is then backfilled with the removed earth. The other method involves pouring a concrete base and then placing the concrete curbing in the concrete. The two materials will bond together which will create a very sturdy curb. Regardless of which method was used, you will still need to remove the dirt from the concrete landscape curbing. Use the shovel to pull away as much dirt as you can until you uncover the bottom of the concrete curbing. Do this for the entire length of the curb.

Step 3 – Removing the Concrete Landscape Curbing

If the method to create the landscape curbing was to dig a trench and place the curbing then removing it is easy. You simply need to grab the curbing and then pull it straight up out of the ground. You may need to use the hammer to knock the curbing loose from its spot. In the event that concrete was poured as a base and then the curbing was set in place; removal is a little more tricky. Use the chisel and the hammer to begin chipping away at the concrete landscape curbing. It is important to tape the concrete gently. Trying to swing wildly at the concrete curbing can cause shards of concrete to fly up and hit you. Continue chipping away at the curbing until you can easily remove the pieces.

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Step 4 – Finishing Up

When you have finished removing the concrete landscape curbing you will be left with a dugout trench. This is the perfect time to replace the concrete landscape curbing with something new if that is your ultimate goal. All you need to do is place the new curbing in the trench. If you are planning on leaving a smooth area then fill the trench with fresh dirt or sod. Once the dirt reaches the top of the trench; pack it down flat.

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