How to Stop a Dog Digging | Purina

How to Stop a Dog Digging | Purina

Your dog should be getting at least half an hour of outdoor activity every day. Increasing their level of exercise could help them to burn of the extra energy that they are spending on digging up holes in your garden.

3. Mental stimulation

Dogs need as much mental stimulation as physical exercise, and if your dog is left feeling bored throughout the day, their digging may be due to a lack of mental stimulation.


How to stop a dog digging through lack of mental stimulation is simple: by spending more time with your pet doing the things you both enjoy! Playing fetch, going for walks, and other dog games. Enriching your pet’s environment with additional dog toys will also provide your pet with vital stimulation when they’re alone. Dog food toys and obstacle courses are other fun ways to add to their daily stimulation. Discover ideas for dog games that will help engage their brains.

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4. The pest problem

How to stop a dog digging that is hunting pests in your home or garden is simple: sort out the pest problem!

Find humane ways to catch or trap the problem pests, or hire experts to do it for you. Always be careful when using chemicals of any kind to treat a pest problem, as they can be toxic to your dog.

5. Provide shelter and shade

Although dogs have come from the wild, these days they’re used to their creature comforts! If you leave your dog outside for long periods of time, ensure they have access to shade when it’s hot, and shelter when it’s cold. You should also make sure they can always get a drink of fresh water: source an ‘untippable’ dog bowl just to be sure.

6. How to stop a dog from digging under a fence

It’s one of the most common dog digging offences of all: the urge to escape! If your pet still continues to dig around the fence, you can dissuade the behaviour by making it more difficult: try half-burying rocks along the edge of the fence.

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If your dog is still a digger by habit, then you may need to create a ‘digging zone’ in which they can play out their natural instinct. Find a place in your garden that you don’t mind being disrupted, and praise your dog for digging in that particular spot.

Check out our basic dog training commands guide for more tips that can help you refrain your dog’s digging behaviour.