How to Train Your Dog to Not Bark at Birds

I have a four year old English bulldog she weighs about 45 pounds

She’s very friendly and generally very well behaved but does have a few bad habits


She already had a tendency to bark at the dogs she would see on TV

running towards the TV set and jumping at it All the time barking semi aggressively

a strange noise in the house will also put her on Alert so even though if she’s laying comfortable

she will instantly jump up barking aggressively and go running towards wherever the sound came from

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I’ve tried to tell her nice nice when she sees the dogs on the TV but it really doesn’t keep her from going nuts

She also has never been able to share her toys or food with other dogs

She becomes aggressive if they try to fetch her ball while she is going for it or if they try to eat something while she is around even if it’s their own food

The reason why I am writing now is Because the small amount of peace that we did have in the house is gone since I brought home a little bird That I had received for a birthday present

He’s a little bit bigger than a parakeet and does make common tweeting sounds as well as flap his wings as he bounces around his cage

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she has become extremely jealous when she sees him sitting on his play-set messing with his toys or even if he is sitting on my arm

she wants to come over and sniff him when I let her she tries to lick him Yesterday she bit on his tail feathers but they just slipped right through her mouth because they’re so thin

and then starts having Full blown huffing puffing barking whining Tantrums which then turned into struggling to breathe panting and then overheating

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She’s taken to barking at everything on the TV now

while she’s sitting between myself and my boyfriend just waiting for something to pop up so she can run at the TV growling and challenging me when I tell her no stop barking

I did buy a bag of training treats and in the Mornings when she’s come out from the bedroom into the kitchen where the birds cages and say good morning cookie say good morning to the bird and I lower the bird to her face she sniffs it and I give her a treat if she doesn’t bark

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Any advice you can think of or give to help the situation would be great I hate to have to return the bird because it’s making the dog have major anxiety and disciplinary problems

Sidenote she’s also taken over a specific ball she’s been guarding it and bring it around with her even outside with her to go potty and then she pulls like crazy choking herself with her collar while she drags me back inside just to go sit next to her ball

Hello Adrienne, I would start with addressing overall behavior by adding more structure. Check out the Working method from the article I have linked below. The Obedience method could also be helpful. Working method: I would start teaching a Quiet command. Quiet method: For the TV, I would work on desensitizing her to the TV, starting with her hearing it while out of the room, then in the room with it on mute, then in the same room with volume low and a boring channel like shopping channel, progressing to normal volume and shows you like to walk. Reward calmness, and give her jobs to do while it’s on, like heeling back and forth through your den, to keep her focus on you and not fixated on TV, and desensitize her to it. Similar to this video desensitizing a dog to dogs behind a fence – except heeling past the TV. The same exercise with the TV can be practice past the bird’s cage, then eventually the bird on someone. When pup pitches a fit around the bird, if that continues to happen, you may want to consider hiring a professional trainer who specializes in behavior issues to help in person. Check out the videos below of a dog and cat. Mild cat issue – teaching impulse control: Moderate cat issue – teaching impulse control using corrections and rewards: Severe cat issue: More e-collar work with cats with the same dog: Place: I would consider hiding the ball for a couple of months while you stimulate pup mentally through more boundaries and training exercises – give pup a healthier outlet through the mental work involved in training, instead of a source of obsession. Expect pup’s behavior to get worse at first when you do this. Give lots of outlets for mental stimulation to help pup refocus that obsession when you do. Best of luck training, Caitlin Crittenden

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