[SOLVED] Blocked Toilet? How to unblock toilet | 3 Ways to unclog toilet

I guess we all have been in a situation when you flush the toilet and something goes wrong. Toilet blocked! Yes, It’s blocked!

Calm down! A blocked toilet is like a household thing and you do not have to panic or feel ashamed about it. It is easy to fix and you can totally do it yourself. This article will show you various methods that help you unclog a toilet in different cases.

Blocked Toilet?-How to unblock  toilet

Blocked toilet? How it becomes clogged?

Blocked toilet happens when there is something clogging inside the toilet bowl, so the water cannot drain properly to clear the waste. Toilet clogs can be a hard object (like a kid’s toy) or organic waste. In a hard case, the toilet is clogged completely. In other cases, the water cannot clear the waste immediately and the water drains very slowly. For different clogs, we will need a different strategy.

7 Ways to unclog a blocked toilet – Easy to Complicated

How to unblock a toilet – Solution 1: Using a plunger

This is a very easy and quick way to deal with toilet clogs.

Toilet plunger-Blocked Toilet?-How to unblock  toilet
  • Closing the toilet flapper: There is a flapper inside the toilet tank (The flapper is the one with the chain attached to it). Doing this will prevent the water from entering the toilet bowl.
  • Preventing a mess for your bathroom: You can place old newspaper, carton box or old clothes on the floor to soak up any liquid.
  • Using the heavy-duty plunger: rinse the plunger under hot water so the rubber is softened, creating a perfect seal to unclog the toilet.
  • Putting the plunger into the toilet bowl: cover the hole entirely with the plunger, and make sure the plunger is below the water surface, then keep pushing and pulling the plunger until the water drains. It might take a while so be patient.
  • Once you see the water flows, flush the toilet again to see if the clog is cleared.

Note: It is only effective for organic clogs.

How to unblock a toilet – Solution 2: Using enzyme waste removal

This method will save you from the hard work by simply pouring the enzyme into the toilet and let it do the job.

  • Buying an enzyme product instead of a harsh chemical one to protect your pipe and the environment.
  • Read the instructions on the container carefully
  • You will need several hours so that the enzyme can work on the waste and clear the toilet. It’s best to do it overnight.

Note: It is only effective for organic clogs.

How to unblock a toilet – Solution 3: Making your own drain cleaner

With a few ingredients from the kitchen, you can totally make a drain cleaner to unclog the toilet.

baking soda and vinegar Blocked Toilet?-How to unblock toilet
  • Prepare 1/2 gallon of hot water, not boiling water as it may crack the porcelain. You can boil the water and let it sit while preparing others.
  • Pour 1 cup of baking soda plus 2 cups of white vinegar (or any types) straight to the center, do not pour them near the rim.
  • Pour the hot water you prepared above straight to the center as well
  • Now, wait to see the magic. As the enzyme waste removal, this takes overnight to clear the clogs.

Note: It is only effective for organic clogs.

How to unblock a toilet – Solution 4: Using a drain/plumbing snake or an auger

If you have tried the first 3 solutions and your toilet is still clogged. It is possible that you are facing with hard stubborn clogs.

  • Buy or borrow a plumbing snake: It is a long flexible wire coil that can curve through the pipeline. There are a few types of augers, you should grab the closet auger to protect your toilet.
  • Insert the tip of the snake into the drain: spin the coin down the drain until you feel the obstruction. The snake may hook on the clog so that you can pull it out or it can break the objects and push them down the drain.
  • Reverse the snake.

How to unblock a toilet – Solution 5: Using an auger replacement – A coat hanger

There is one thing very handy in the house that you can replace the drain snake, a coat hanger. You can fashion one to help you unclog the toilet.

Note: This only works if you know the obstruction is only a few inches of the drain, otherwise you will need a drain snake.

  • Untwist and shape a wire coat hanger as a tool.
  • Wrap the one end with a rag to not damage the porcelain.
  • Insert the wrapped end to the drain and twist until you reach the obstruction. Push against it until the water starts to drain. (You should put on rubber gloves)
  • Flush the toilet again

How to unblock a toilet – Solution 6: Using chemical products

This seems to be an easy way to unclog your blocked toilet. Just visit a grocery store or hardware and grab one.

  • Purchase a drain cleaner (remember to buy ones that made for toilets as you do not want to damage the porcelain or the pipe)
  • Read the instruction to see how much you can pour into the toilet. Close the lid of the toilet to prevent the chemical smell.
  • Let the chemicals stand for some hours.

Note: This method only works on soft obstructions.

How to unblock a toilet – Solution 7: Using a vacuum (wet/dry)

If you try plunging and snaking but in vain. You can give a vacuum a shot before calling a plumber. However, please do not use an ordinary vacuum, use a wet/dry one.

  • Buy or borrow a wet/dry vacuum
  • Use the vacuum to empty the water or any waste out of the toilet bowl
  • Place the vacuum hose into the drain, then coil a piece of cloth or towel around the hole to make a good seal.
  • Turn the vacuum on: Use your hand to push the cloth to create a good seal. The vacuum will reach the clog and suck it out.

Frequently asked questions

1. How to unblock a toilet blocked with toilet paper

Toilet paper is our best friend in the bathroom but more often than not this causes us trouble, toilet blockage. However, to treat the toilet blocked with toilet paper is as easy as pie.

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If the problem is not too severe, then you can try the plunger as in solution one or using enzyme or chemicals. Toilet paper is soft obstruction so those methods will suffice.

2. How to fix a blocked toilet without a plunger

Now, if your toilet is blocked and you do not have a plunger ready, what can you do? You can try our 3rd solution if you have time, mix your own drain cleaner. Otherwise, you can try this easy tip:

  • Squirt a bit of dishwashing soap to the toilet, the soap will loosen the clogs.
  • Add hot water but not boiling water to the toilet bowl
  • If the block is not too bad, you will see the result after a few minutes.

3. How to unblock a badly blocked toilet

As discussed above, if your toilet is blocked badly, you can use a plumbing snake or chemical drain cleaner. The snake should reach to the obstructions and clear them all.

However, if the auger does not solve your problem, it’s time to call a good plumber. Remember to explain to him what you have done so he knows how serious it is.

Final words

Now you have equipped with all methods as a licensed plumber to deal with a clogged toilet. We hope this issue is not a nightmare anymore for us all. If you find this article is helpful, please share with your friends.

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