Gutter installation | How to install guttering | Replacing gutters

Gutter installation - How to install guttering

Just notice your gutter system is falling away from the wall? Gutter leaking is more serious enough to repair? Maybe it’s just time for replacing gutters! Keep reading to find out “How to install guttering” for your home.

What is a guttering system?

A guttering system consists of gutters and downpipes. These components help to redirect rainwater falling on your roof and run it away safely to the ground into the drainage system.

Install Guttering – Required Tools & Materials

  • A crimper
  • A cordless drill
  • Downspouts
  • Elbows
  • Rivets and a rivet gun
  • Gutter hangers
  • Gutter silicone/ sealant

6 Steps how to install guttering

Gutter installation – Step 1: Assembling gutters

Gutter Assemble - How to install guttering
  • Measure each side of the fascia and cut gutter to the lengths
  • Overlap joins at least 100mm in the direction of water flows
  • Use sealant glue to prevent leak and joining gutter pieces by rivets

Gutter installation – Step 2: Attach the gutter end

Attach Gutter End - How to install guttering
  • Drill 2 holes into the bottom of the gutter and 1 or 2 on each side
  • Use gutter silicone and rivets to secure the gutter end

Note: sometimes you get a gutter end type that you only need to glue it on with silicone and using a crimping tool to secure it.

Gutter installation – Step 3: Assemble the downspout

Downspout assemble - How to install guttering
  • It’s best to align downspout, downpipe with stormwater run away.
  • Cut a hole to fit the downspout flange.
  • Drill holes for rivets. Again, use gutter sealant and rivets to join downspout with the gutter.

Alternatively, you can secure the downspout by screws as well.

Gutter installation – Step 4: Mitre preparation

Gutter Miter preparation - How to install guttering

Of course, you can buy already made gutter mitre. But if you want to make it yourself, follow Mark Crovelli, he’s done an excellent job.

Assemble an inside gutter miter


Assemble and Install an Outside Gutter Miter

Gutter installation – Step 5: Hanging gutter system

  • Get a partner to help to lift gutter run
  • Clip gutter hangers along the gutter run
  • Secure gutter hangers to fascia board with a cordless drill
  • Remember to lower the downspout part of the gutter to let rainwater flows easier

Gutter installation – Step 6: Add downpipes to gutter

Downpipe adding - How to install guttering
  • Add a downpipe(s) to gutter
  • You might need elbows to redirect water flow
  • Connect downpipe(s) to the drainage system and you’re done.

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Gutters replacement – When to replace gutters and downspouts?

Signs to replace guttering - How to install guttering

Sometimes, the signs are obvious. But, yeah, following cases are when you really need to replace your gutter system

  • Large holes & leaks
  • Found rusty spots on gutters when you are cleaning or inspecting the gutter system

Gutters replacement – Replacing gutters pieces or the whole system?

Most of the time, gutters are joined by pieces. But to replace/repair each piece also requires to take down the whole gutter run.

So, you should consider replacing the whole gutter system if it’s more than 10 years.

Gutters replacement – Things to consider when replacing gutters?

Gutter appearance - How to install guttering

Gutter Appearance

Few points to complement your house with the gutter system

  • Choose the shape of the gutters can improve the look of your home
  • Choose the right colour either to blend in or colourize your home?

Gutter material

  • Choose a higher quality material, your gutter certainly will last longer
  • Most common gutter materials: steel and aluminium.

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Gutters replacement – Risks involve?

Safety First - Gutter installation - How to install guttering


  • Working with ladders and at high positions are not meant for everyone
  • Consider hiring professionals if you’re not comfortable to perform the job.


  • Improper installation could lead to system faulty (leaks, water pool…)
  • Fixing gutter faulty might cost more than hiring professionals in the first place.

VIDEO – Install Aluminum Gutters

Check out this video from YT channel This Old House! It’s not too complicated as it sounds, right?

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