Is a 3-Way-Bathroom the perfect fit for me? – Designful Spaces

Is a 3-Way-Bathroom the perfect fit for me? – Designful Spaces

A new trend is emerging – The 3-Way-Bathroom. We take a closer look and show you who is it for and who should do without. 

With anything in life there is no right or wrong. It is about what meets your needs and desires the most…..?

This is the most important question for yourself to answer. I’m assisting you by providing valuable information on a topic so you can make an informed decision. 


A 3-way-bathroom displays the separation of toilet, shower/ bath, vanity in three separate areas/ rooms. When you walk in the bathroom you see the vanity first from there branches off the toilet behind a door and the shower with or without bath behind another door. See sketches. This means each individual amenities can be used by multiple people at the same time, which is a bonus. But is it a necessity for you? This depends on two main factors, which I will explain in the next paragraph.


As I’m looking for functionality and practicality in designs I can tell you that a 3-Way-Bathroom is most practical and makes most sense in larger homes and/ or for families consisting of a minimum of 4 people. Now you are asking me why is that? Here is my answer 🙂

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Okay now let’s talk about the advantages, because there are some. 

If you have a large family or multiple generations living in one home using the same bathroom at certain times of the day it can be very beneficial to divide up the amenities into separate areas. This means vanity area, shower area and toilet can be used at the same time by multiple people. This is a big time saver and makes you less stressed out. Let’s you start more relaxed into the day. Win-Win.

Your home is big enough to cater for a 3-Way-Bathroom where you don’t need to sacrifice space in other important areas of your home.

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A 3-Way-Bathroom uses more space of your whole home, due to its layout consisting of 2.5 rooms. You need more space overall, you need 2-3 doors depending on if you have a door closing off the vanity area from the hallway as well. I recommend so, because if left open your visitors will always see if your vanity top is messy, your mirror needs cleaning etc. and most importantly all the hair from the ladies and girls living in the house go EVERYWHERE.

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A 3-Way-Bathroom is unnecessary, if  it is just you and your partner living in the home you don’t need to invest into a 3-Way-Bathroom, due to these simple reasons. You can both use the shower and vanity at the same time if needed. Then choose a double vanity if desired. You most likely live in a smaller home then as well, so use the extra space you save with a traditional bathroom somewhere else, e.g. laundry. Laundries are most likely overlooked but so important. But this is another topic (click here for …… ).


Great question. Yes, I agree a separate toilet/ powder room is definitely an advantage. Put a small basin in by making it to a powder room so people can wash their hands right away. So convenient! So your bathroom door can stay closed when you have visitors in your home.

I never really liked going into other people’s bathroom. To me it is a personal and private space, like your bedroom. Who hates people walking into your looking into your bedroom? Yes, exactly!

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Is a 3-Way-Bathroom the perfect fit for me? - Designful Spaces