Is vermiculite truly necessary for a square foot garden?

Hello, Heather! I’m with Rachel L, how did things turn out with your house you were struggling to love? My husband and I just closed on our new home 3 days ago and I already hate it!!😔 This was supposed to be our forever home, a move up, bigger for our 5 grands to come and enjoy. Beautiful neighborhood and beautiful from the outside, but what we have found since moving in not so much🤦🏼‍♀️ During this sellers market there wasn’t much time to make a decision. Homes for sale are scarce so you have to act fast. The people who purchased our house made an offer sight unseen! Things were going along smoothly and we had high hopes…we were excited to write this brand new chapter. Small hiccup in the process so closing was delayed a week…we closed, we’re handed the keys…walked into our new home…took a day to get settled before movers arrived and then started to notice the absolute filth and dirt left behind!!! The owner gave an appearance of being neat and clean, just the opposite was true!!😳 Now, instead of monies going into what we thought were going to upgrades have now turned into having to clean and replace just to bring things up to par!!😤 The woman was hateful anyway as it turns out and doused what joy we had with ice cold water. We are having a professional deep cleaning in two days and all of our upgrade money will go just for repainting and new carpet!!😡 We didn’t see any of this both times we looked at the house and the owner carried herself so well that her leaving us a filthy nasty house was never a thought.😏😞 The rest of the upgrades seem insurmountable now and I am depressed because I feel we made a HUGE mistake!! So many things we did not catch – like the garage is supposed to be a 2 car garage…it looks like one, but we can’t fit both our cars in it and the list goes on…totally our fault, but I feel so bad…like I’m in a deep whole. I am a decorator at heart and could always envision and pull off a redo or project – it’s always been a passion, but with this house…I couldn’t care less. 🥺 Oh, well, at least we have our health and our jobs, a roof over our heads and food…but, I truly hate this house…thanks for reading, sorry it’s so long.😏

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