It's Honestly So Easy To Make This Hanging Succulent Garden

Who needs artwork when you can have framed succulents?


Succulents are cute, easy to care for, and an all-around really great plant that’s definitely worth filling your entire home with.

Whether you own zero succulents or have basically run out of counter space for all of your plant friends, this DIY vertical succulent garden is a perfect wall decoration.

Hitomi Aihara / BuzzFeed

And honestly, even though it looks like a work of art, it’s pretty easy to put together!

Hitomi Aihara / BuzzFeed

Here’s what you’ll need to make it happen:

• Wood slabs 2 inch x 3/4 inch

• Picture frame

• Mesh wire

• Wood glue

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• Plywood

• Screws

• Nails

• Hammer

• Staple gun

• Garden soil

• Plants

Here’s how to make it (click photos to enlarge):

Hitomi Aihara / BuzzFeed

1. Take the picture frame and measure the wood slabs to fit each side.

2. Screw slabs together to form a box outline.

3. Glue on plywood to line the back of the box.

4. For security, screw the backing into the frame.

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5. Measure out mesh sheet to fit the picture frame. Using a staple gun, secure all sides.

6. Place the frame with the mesh onto the opening of the box.

7. Hammer down the frame onto the box.

8. Fill the box with soil. The soil will go through the mesh. Shake it around to fill all the corners.

9. Moisten the soil with a spray bottle before planting plants.

10. Use a pen or pencil to form a hole for the plants to fit in.

When it’s done, you can either lean it against a wall or place hooks into the box frame to hang it.

Hitomi Aihara / BuzzFeed

And don’t forget to use a spray bottle to water the plants!

You can also make one of these for fake flowers or herbs!

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