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the definition of kitchen is a room or area a home or building where food is cooked or prepared.

an example of a kitchen is the room in your home that has a stove, refrigerator and cabinets for storing food.

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a room or an area equipped for preparing and cooking food.


a room or place or the equipment for the preparation and cooking of food.


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a staff that prepares, cooks, and serves food.


a staff
who cooks and serves food.


a style of cooking; cuisine.

a restaurant with a fine french kitchen.


  • middle english kichene from old english cycene probably from vulgar latin cocīna from late latin coquīna from feminine of latin coquīnus of cooking from coquus cook from coquere to cook pekw- in indo-european roots

    from american heritage dictionary of the english language, 5th edition

kitchen sentence examples

  • he walked across the kitchen and paused at the door.

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  • he also brought a bottle of kvass, taken from the kitchen for them to try.

  • i’ll be in the kitchen… when you get decent.

  • it’s warm in the kitchen, and breakfast is ready.

  • at the kitchen door she nearly ran into a dark form.

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