Magpies are considered to be a part of the crow family, and the Eurasian magpie is thought of as being one of the most intelligent animals in the world.

You will also find that the magpie is an omnivore, meaning that they eat both insects and vegetables however the reason why they are so hard to get rid of is because they are so clever. Magpies will often see signs of danger and they will react accordingly, but when it comes to setting up home and survival, they are experts in the field. You may have tried several magpie deterrent solutions in the past but if none of them have worked, this isn’t something that you should feel bad about.


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When trying to get rid of magpies, you need strategy, skill and knowledge, and that’s exactly what you get when you purchase our Scary Bird product.

The only real way to drive away magpies is to make them feel threatened, so much so that they feel too insecure to react. Scary bird does exactly this, and it is fully designed to deter even the most curious of magpies. If you want to use this magpie deterrent then you need to make sure that you change its position or remove it every couple of days. Magpies are very intelligent creatures and if you have particularly stubborn magpies then you may find that they watch and wait to see if the dominant bird leaves. Obviously with the Scary Bird, this isn’t going to happen so try to randomise or change its position now and again to out-smart them.

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After a couple of days, the magpies will be sure to leave and you shouldn’t experience any problems again, any time soon. Take a look at our magpie deterrent today to see how it works.

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