She may have had some outdoor work as well, such as feeding poultry.

In the earlier study, estimated outdoor air supply rates ranged from 12-24 liters per second (l/s) per person.


At the architectural level collective spaces in and outside the building, circulation spaces and the private outdoor spaces were by contrast thoroughly investigated.

Housing projects creating new – either public or collective – outdoor spaces need not be approached as solely defensive and exclusive enterprises.

A west-facing roof terrace provides 180 degree views from north to south and space for outdoor dining.

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The curved bench and paved area are designed for outdoor meetings and school projects.

The number of females collected per trap-night was compared with that of daytime indoor resting, outdoor resting, indoor man-landing and outdoor man-landing collections.

If necessary, moreover, the overseer would inform them how to obtain outdoor relief or receive institutional care.

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Others were registered as poor at the end of their life and might have been dependent on outdoor relief.

Like in 1872, the planting area was divided into districts, each with a district hospital and one or more outdoor dispensaries.

Subsequently, the participants and their carers were interviewed separately at home to gather background data about their outdoor lives.

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Mating has not been observed prior to three weeks after the emergence of the female, at outdoor temperature.

During the summer, my father works in an outdoor food market.

The remaining site areas became three outdoor rooms: arrival court to south-east, walled vegetable garden to south-west, and main garden to north.

All the occupational injuries reported were sustained outdoors by outdoor workers and yet very few had been previously immunized.

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