Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2: Best Ways to Earn Coins and Stars

Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2: Best Ways to Earn Coins and Stars

We explain some of the best ways to earn currency in Plants vs Zombies 2, to afford all those consumables and the multitude of unlockable characters.


Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 has a ton of characters to unlock (see our Full Character Guide), but to get them all you’ll need money, and lots of it. This guide will explain some of the best ways to earn currency so you can unlock characters fast.

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Earning and Spending Stars

You can earn Stars by accepting Quests on the Quest Board. Quests are split into Plants, Zombies, and Multiplayer. Most faction quests can be completed across any game mode, so if you know you’ll be spending some time on the Plants or Zombies side, load up with quests from that faction to finish several at once. Many of the quests require you to play as a certain character or use a certain ability, but some target a specific boss character. For those quests, it’s easiest of find a mission in the single-player campaign and repeat it to complete the quest.

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Most Quests are worth 3 stars. Extra-long “Epic” quests are marked with a lightning bolt, and reward 10 stars. Completing quests also increases your XP multiplier, which helps in leveling up your characters. Note that you can only hold 200 stars total.

Once you’ve earned a bank of stars, look for Treasure Chests scattered around the hub world and Backyard Battleground. You can also spend stars on decorations by clearing away rubble, but these are purely aesthetic and don’t offer rewards like treasure chests. The more expensive the chest, the better the rewards. Often, chests will contain some coins.

Earning Coins

Aside from opening chests using your stars, you have lots of other methods to earn coins.

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  • Completing single-player campaign missions earns you a base reward, usually 2,500 to 7,500 coins, along with extra coins earned from vanquishing enemies in the mission itself. These can net around 10,000 in the best cases, and even repeating early quests can earn around 5,000 total.
  • Depending on your performance, Multiplayer can be a great source of coins. As in Campaign missions, you earn a certain baseline just for participating, but a particularly deadly Plant or Zombie can earn upwards of 12,000 coins in a match.
  • Garden Ops and Graveyard Ops, the wave-based cooperative mode, is one of the most lucrative. It offers optional objective rewards and a spinner that can dole out coins, and since it’s wave-based your reward will increase as you last longer. But, keep in mind, for best results you’ll probably need to use consumables, which cost coins to replenish with random packs. 
  • Once you advance far enough in the single-player campaign, you’ll open an “Infinity” wave-based survival mode. This is potentially the biggest reward, as long as you can gather some friends and last several of the waves.
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Wondering how to spend your coins? Check out our How to Unlock Characters guide for tips on the most cost-effective ways to earn characters.

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