r/Maplestory – Guide for Yu Garden Dailies [Reboot] – Daily Epic Pot Scrolls, BiS ex-Event Totems

r/Maplestory – Guide for Yu Garden Dailies [Reboot] – Daily Epic Pot Scrolls, BiS ex-Event Totems

Hi all. Quick guide on Yu Garden Dailies, how to activate quests, rewards, how to get totems, totem stats, etc.

Why should you do Yu Garden


  • Epic-potential scrolls [Reboot only]: Dailies can give up to 26 coins per day if you finish all quests. You can purchase 50% E-Pot scrolls with 30 Yu Garden coins

  • Shanghai antique totems are, excluding event totems (i.e. Dark Totems), best-in-slot: There are three totems (for three slots in equipment tab); stats are below. These items are unique – you cannot equip multiple of the same totems.

  1. Horseback Riding Doll: 20 all stat, 10 att, 10 m.att

2. Jade Kettle: 20 all stat, 10 att, 10 m.att

3. Bronze Incense Burner: 22 all stat, 12 att, 12 m.att

Note: These totems have a set effect – additional 15 att & m.att when all three are equipped.

How long does this take

  • ~1 hour for pre-quests

  • 5-20 minutes for dailies; you can pick and choose which ones to do

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How to get to Yu Garden

  • Go to Six-Path Crossway, talk to the Shanghai Interdimentional Mirror located in the middle of the map, then use the nearest town scroll.

  • You can register this on your rock.

How to activate the dailies

  • Do quests in Yu Garden until the quest board shows all 5 daily quests (they will become available one at a time) – you only have to do these once to activate all 5 quests.

Daily Quests

  • You can find daily quests on the board [here] (http://imgur.com/wnXC8Ta). There are obvious kill / collect quests (i.e. Kill 200 Poison Jiangshis) – just go ahead and do these. Plus a few odd quests with unclear instructions:

  • Designer leather bag: This drops from Traveler Jiangshi – the ones with backpacks

  • Designer leather purse: This drops from Shopper Jiangshi – the ones with shopping bags & designer purses

  • Police logs: speak with NPCs in 1. Outskirts of Shanghai, Mount Song Pathway + 2. Nanjing Road, Three-way Intersection + 3. The Bund: Jiangshi Den 2

  • Diabolic Jiangshi – this spawns in Diabolic Jiangshi Base

  • Giant Centipede – this spawns in Outskirts of Shanghai: Mount Song Pathway

  • Positive energy bottle – you’ll be given an empty bottle. Stay online for 30 minutes, then turn in the quest. If you disconnect before the 30 mins is up, forfeit and re-accept the quest.

Where to buy E-Pot scrolls with Yu Garden coins [Reboot only]

  • You buy the scrolls from the Feng Shao, The Black Market Merchant, available in town between these hours: 11AM-7PM (PDT), 2PM-10PM (EDT), 6PM-2AM (UTC)

  • Merchant sells random 2-5 items in shop. The scroll is not available in every channel; try surfing the channels if you can’t find it in shop.

  • E-Pot scrolls cost 30 coins each; unlimited purchase per day.

  • Yu Garden coins do not expire. Scrolls are untradeable, and expires 1 week after date of purchase.

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How to get totems

  • The three totems will drop from mobs you kill. They will be in the ETC tab of your inventory. Yes, the incense burner is a little bit harder to find. The Abandoned Farms map drops all three totems.

  • They are affected by drop rate gear, drop familiar, drop buffs and drop coupons

  • Once you have the ETC, go back to Yu Garden town, and double click on the light bulb that appears on top of your head, accept the quest.

  • Walk to the left side of the town to speak with Hui Koon Kit to turn in the quest.

  • This will allow you to trade the ETC drop with a Equip Totem, which you can then wear. Totem will expire in one month once converted into an equip.

Other Tips

  • If you have enough inventory slots, you can keep ETC drops for future dailies to save time.

  • You can farm/grind for the totems and keep them in your inventory, the ETC items don’t expire.

Hope that helps; message below if any questions / suggestions.

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