Rainbow Star

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Rainbow Stars are a special currency in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 and Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville that were introduced in the Trials of Gnomus DLC. They are a variant of Stars, and are used to open special chests inside the Town Hall or to unlock the chest (costs a total of 75 rainbow stars, 15 for each lock) past the final portal from completing the DLC. In the Town Hall, The chest on the left (yellow) costs 10 Rainbows Stars to open; the chest on the right (blue) costs 30 Rainbow Stars to open; the chest in the middle (red) costs 50 Rainbow Stars to open. The player can hold a maximum of 50 Rainbow Stars at a time.

Rainbow Stars may normally be obtained in only two ways. The first, and main, way to earn Rainbow Stars is to enter the Mystery Portal inside the Town Hall, and complete events inside it. Doing this will give the player between 3 (by losing) to 5 (by winning) Rainbow Stars. The second way is to give 7 regular stars to the seagull inside the Town Hall, in exchange for just 1 Rainbow Star.

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There are special packs to get 30 Rainbow Stars. The pack may only be available if you have room for them.

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In Battle for Neighborville, Rainbow Stars can be used to buy exclusive Customizations, Costumes, Gestures, and Expressions from Rux. Rainbow Stars can also be unlocked for free on festival prize maps.



  • If the player obtains 25 Rainbow Stars by completing events inside the Mystery Portal, they will earn the Somewhere Over the Rainbow achievement.
  • If the player opens a Rainbow Star pack and their total Rainbow Stars, if the amount they end up earning exeeds 50 then the extra amount is not there.

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