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3,0 de 5 estrelas Good information but not fully comprehensive

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A chunky book packed with information for those who want to understand gardening and create their own outdoor space, but not quite comprehensive for the novice gardener. It covers a lot of information but leaves out some things which would be essential to many. You can learn all you need to know about how the direction your garden faces influences your plants, and how to choose the right plants. Understand how to successfully grow seeds and bulbs, create stunning displays from bedding plants and how to plant up and balance a border. The chapter on lawn care is a bit lacking, explaining how to mow, weed and rake a lawn but there’s nothing about troubleshooting any real problems. There’s good, detailed explanation about choosing and caring for climbers and shrubs, as well as vegetables and fruit. Another area which is very lacking in information is how to deal with disease in plants, there are just two pages giving a very brief overview with no real explanation of the problems that different plants can develop or how to treat them. Sadly disease is a common problem and for a beginner gardener it can be a very daunting problem, certainly a topic which needs more in-depth advice. Perhaps it’s a tall order to try and produce a book which really covers everything you need to know about gardening if you’re learning from scratch. This book makes a good effort and does cover a lot of information, teaching a lot of basic gardening skills very well, but you’ll likely need to refer to other books if you encounter any major problems with your garden. It’s a good starting point, but your gardening library will need new additions as you go along.

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