The Hozelock system | Hozelock Ltd

The Hozelock system | Hozelock Ltd

The Hozelock system has been created by gardeners for gardeners since the invention of the world’s first plastic hose connector in 1959.

The system enables you to get water from any tap (both indoor and outdoor) to your garden quickly and easily.


A Standard Connection

Tap Connectors (1) are a very important part of the system as they turn your tap into the first point of the system. There are connectors for all shapes and sizes of tap including outdoor threaded taps and indoor mixer taps.

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Hose Connectors play an important role in the system and they are attached to the hose and allow a simple and quick connection to your accessories. There are two types of connectors, Hose End Connectors (2), which work best at the tap end of the system and Aquastop Gun/Sprinkler Connectors (3) that work best at the accessory end of the system. The Aquastop Connector stops water from coming out of the hose when no accessory is attached. This means that water is not wasted when changing accessories and you don’t get wet. Click onto your choice of hose end device (4).

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Go Pro for scratch and frost resistant, nickel plated brass fittings that come with a 3 year guarantee

A Pro Connection

The next part of the system is the hose itself. Hozelock has designed a number of solutions to meet your needs. Now you can choose between our range of traditional hoses, our expanding hose Superhoze or our NEW hybrid hose Tuffhoze.

Loose hose can be a simple solution for getting water around your garden and comes in a variety of lengths.

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At the end of your hose you will need to attach an accessory that fits your watering needs. This can include Multi Spray Guns, Sprinklers, Nozzles and Lances that provide extended reach.

Our Hose Storage options come with an abundance of great features to help you to use and store your hose. Keeping it neat and tidy. Our range includes hose reels that can be free standing and/or wall mounted and wheeled for easy maneuvering around the garden. Our innovative Auto Reel can automatically rewind itself into an enclosed, wall mounted unit for ultimate efficiency. All our Reels are available in a variety of sizes to suit your garden.

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